Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The shower line....

So off we go - me and my crazy kids - to visit my family in Pennsylvania. It will be a long weekend of eating, talking, eating, laughing, eating, watching the kids play, eating and celebrating the very rare occasion where my whole family is in one place for consecutive days!!

We leave on Thursday morning. With a turtle on top of the car, clothes to span the seasons (because you just never know what you are going to get in the mountains of Pennsylvaina), bikes to ride, snacks to eat...and for sure a ton of movies and snacks to calm the troops as we spend our entire day in the car awaiting our fun!

DuBois, PA.? A vacation spot for many. Many people who want NOTHING to do but sit! I watched the summer friends come and go each year. The doctors and lawyers that lived their summers by the lake. I always wondered where they went at the end of each season? Now I know - OUT OF DUBOIS! To a place where there was MORE THAN NOTHING TO DO!

I looked forward to leaving my little town each and every day of my life there. I longed for a mall, a beach, a museum, concerts, pubs, dance clubs, universities, etc. etc. As soon as I turned 18, I headed for the hills! Most days I love that I have experienced the world...and on a few days, I think about how simple life in DuBois would be. No traffic, only a few cell phone towers, not much crime, one park where everyone in town plays, bowling as the highlight of my week....hmmm....there are a few days that life in DuBois is missed!!! :)

But for now...I just look forward to my yearly visit. To the town of 7 thousand people, a few stop lights, the hitching post as the only night life, and even the new mall that has an old Navy in it? Yeah...no kidding! nahhh....the real reason I look forward to DuBois is the trees and the mountains and the lack of trafic or hype...the slow paced central pennsylvania life that I had for so long and now remember fairly fondly - despite my desire to leave!

So...A big weekend awaits us. Mark (28) will be flying in from Washington State to help our celebration! Alyssa (23) will drive in from Harrisburg, Patrick (21) will drive from across town, Brian (33) will drive up on Friday from Chesapeake with his very dear friend Laura, Mike (33 and our all but adopted brother) and his wife will drive in on Saturday, Grandma and Pop Pop will arrive, Aunt Linda, Uncle Jack will also be there!

Now thank goodness mom and dad have a huge house. The good thing is...that they have a house with enough bedrooms to fit all of these guests...the bad thing is that there are only 2 bathrooms? Guess people 200 years ago didn't need to primp? But for now....we all will stand in the hall in towls and fight for our spot! Anything goes when you are at teh Carr house. There is not list that says who is next...you just have to be aggressing and have a plan!

My plan is often the only one that works every time. My kids wake me up at the crack of dawn - i sit them in front of the tV and get my HOT shower by 7am! No one is awake by then. Of course not...because at 2am, everyone still had a beer and everyone was still out on the poarch being loud and silly! (no neighbors is key in the Carr family!)

And for everyone else...sorry if you have cold water...but if you want to be the mommy for a whole day I will gladly take a cold shower at 2pm for a few extra hours of sleep!!! :)

WE will be celebrating dad's 60th birthday! Good thing we have events like this to bring everyone together! I don't look forward to 11 hours in the car with the kids? But we will make an adventure out of it..and probably extend our trip by at least two hours doing so...but in the end...we will have memories for all of us that will span our life! And I am greatful from the bottom of my heart to have such a wonderful family to anticipate!

Happy Memorial day to everyone reading this! And cheers!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Magic of turning 5

My weekend was normal, lots of swimming and enjoying the summer weather. Nothing to out of the ordinary to report. But I have had Ben's 5th birthday on my mind as I plan his party and as I listen to him talk about the up and coming event. So my thoughts for the day are about Ben and his big day!

The picture is of Ben and his best friend Shane. Shane turned 5 in March. Now it is Ben's turn to become the magical age of 5! Kindergarten, no naps, independence....oh how many many things are going to change in Ben's life when he turns five....or at least he thinks!

I'll like getting my hair cut when I am 5.

When I am 5 I will be nicer to Kyle and Will.

Yeah...when I am 5 I won't be scared of the Y Daycare mom...

I think when I turn 5 I will eat my brocolli.

I can't clean up all these toys mom...I'm not 5 yet.

I'll weigh more pounds than Kyle when I am 5.

The list goes on and on in Ben's mind...the list of all of the ways that the world will change on June the 18th, 2007!

So now what? How do I stop him from experienceing the biggest dissapointment thus far in his life? Cleaning up will still suck...Kyle will still be bigger than him...Daycare won't change...and Vegetables will still not taste as good as Pizza and cupcakes? HELP!!

Kind of sad really. Poor Ben is going to wake up on his birthday and not much will change!

I suppose we will just have to have a super party and he will get cool new things...he will get to eat cake and play with his best friends and in the end...he will be one step closer to being an adult...One small step closer to realizing that some things never change...no matter how "big" you get!! too bad you can't stay 4 forever!!

Any other parents of 5 year olds out there that can relate????????

Pulling Out of the Driveway

I was asked the other day by a neighbor..."how on earth do you get all of those boys out of the house and to your destination every day - is it hard?"....so I figured this was as good a place as any to start by new blog!
The answer to the question is simple....as long as I want or need to get to my destination more than I mind the trauma of dressing, feeding, and packing for three little men...then I just go through the steps needed - without too much thought - and head for the door.
Ben eats Cereal, Kyle Eats a waffel, Will only drinks in the morning so I mix a yogurt drink with his milk and he is set to go! Ben dresses himself if I lay it all out right...Kyle does not like ANYTHING I set out for him so I threaten him within an inch of his life every morning to JUST GET DRESSED! Will likes to run from me as soon as he sees a diaper on the table...so I run and chase...get one piece of clothing on...and then run and chase again untill we are both too tired to go on. They I finish the job while he lays on the ground and giggles and tries to eat his feet!
Once we are all dressed then we think about what we need to take with us. Kyle needs his pink Blankie, Will needs a green bear, They all need a sippy cup and we all need shoes. I pack the necessary "lovey" items in a bag and then take drink orders. Ben usually wants Milk, Kyle would like Chocolate milk and at this point I thank God that Will does not talk and therefore will drink whatever I give him!
I pack the drinks and then recheck the bag to make sure no child has taken the "lovey" items from the bag. If so...then I do another search and rescue mission for green bears and pink blankets.
Then come the shoes...that we can never find. Ben has a true preference for what shoes he wears so we line them up on the coffee table and begin trying them on untill he is satisfied. Kyle, again, just complains about whatever pair I put on him so I hold him down and shove whatever I can find on his barney rubble foot! Will - RUNS FROM ME FOR THIS PART TOO! So we chase and giggle until his shoes are on his foot!
Now it is seemingly time to leave the house. We are ready! Heading for the door! And then I hear "But mommy, I can't find my nuber 36 car and I NEED it ."....so we begin to look for whatever toy Ben "NEEDS" to take with him. Will is usually trying to escape at this point so I task KYle with holding the door shut so Will can't get out till I find the toy we need.
Found it! now it is really time to leave...we head for the car...everyone in...seat belts hooked! And alas I realize...I can't find the keys OR MY CELL PHONE! So with everyone tucked away nicely in the car I head back into the silent house to find my necessary items. Then I realize...the dog has not food? So I take care of Cali, locate my things and head back to the car!
I sit down, close the garage door and hear "Mom...my drink is all gone can I have some more!?". And this is when I put the car in reverse, turn on a movie and just drive! :)
We do this every day and I never even though about it before until I was asked the question. NOw that I have it in writing I kind of feel like a need a medal every day that I pull out of the driveway! ha ha ha ha.
And in the end of the day! We love to keep on the go and I love that we have a system that is comical and exausting and trying and fun...and somehow - each and every day - we pull out of this darn driveway and have a super time! :)