Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Magic of turning 5

My weekend was normal, lots of swimming and enjoying the summer weather. Nothing to out of the ordinary to report. But I have had Ben's 5th birthday on my mind as I plan his party and as I listen to him talk about the up and coming event. So my thoughts for the day are about Ben and his big day!

The picture is of Ben and his best friend Shane. Shane turned 5 in March. Now it is Ben's turn to become the magical age of 5! Kindergarten, no naps, independence....oh how many many things are going to change in Ben's life when he turns five....or at least he thinks!

I'll like getting my hair cut when I am 5.

When I am 5 I will be nicer to Kyle and Will.

Yeah...when I am 5 I won't be scared of the Y Daycare mom...

I think when I turn 5 I will eat my brocolli.

I can't clean up all these toys mom...I'm not 5 yet.

I'll weigh more pounds than Kyle when I am 5.

The list goes on and on in Ben's mind...the list of all of the ways that the world will change on June the 18th, 2007!

So now what? How do I stop him from experienceing the biggest dissapointment thus far in his life? Cleaning up will still suck...Kyle will still be bigger than him...Daycare won't change...and Vegetables will still not taste as good as Pizza and cupcakes? HELP!!

Kind of sad really. Poor Ben is going to wake up on his birthday and not much will change!

I suppose we will just have to have a super party and he will get cool new things...he will get to eat cake and play with his best friends and in the end...he will be one step closer to being an adult...One small step closer to realizing that some things never matter how "big" you get!! too bad you can't stay 4 forever!!

Any other parents of 5 year olds out there that can relate????????