Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Before I had William....

Before I had William, these photos would have said nothing to me but "BATH TIME"! And now that I have Will in my life they mean something so different. They mean "experience", "trial an error" and "freedom". They mean tenacity and the ability to keep up with the neighborhood kids that are some "three times my size"!

William loved his ice-creme bar from the crazy ice-creme man! And while he wore 2/3 of his bar and half of his brothers fudge cycle (that you can see dripping down the middle of his forehead) - the look on his face during our "creme on the curb" party two nights ago just screamed - I AM THE HAPPIEST BOY IN THE WORLD!!! :) We love you William!!


dollydimples said...

Amen to that! We do love "our" William. Even though he is "yours" he seems like one of "ours" in such a profound way. How quickly he has become one of the gang. How fun it is to watch him imitate the other boys. Will, you are so much fun. You are indeed one of the boys club, and forever will be. You have definately won my heart, just as your brothers have. Will, I would kiss that icky sticky messy orange creme bar face any day you ask!! I would consider it an honor.

myregalmen said...

Ditto that! Will is the most adorable little man!! He's so perfect, and I love his quite "I can do it all, too!" demeanor! And I get so ticked at the sheer terror of all of our faces when we… “Where’s Will!!??” Until we realize, he's just 'driving the van' again! :) He’s such a little love, and I too will give him an enormous messy kiss!!