Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Freedom a Year Can Bring

For the past two summers, I have felt a bit tied down. Three kids that could not swim - one adult? Seemed as dangerous in my mind as it sounds in this blog.

But a year can make a big difference. My boys are growing so big. Ben can now swim pretty well, Kyle can swim a little, but is old enough and mature enough to know his limits and make good decisions near the water. Will is another story with no real fear and no realization that he can't swim! But...with the other two so much more managable - I can handle one little Crazy Will! Amzing the difference a year can make!

One year ago the Mongolds put up their big, blue, obnoxious, pool! It is 12 feet across, 2 and a half feet deep - and the perfect place for three little boys to cool off during the summer. This photo is of the boys in week one of their back yard swimming pool experience last year!

We will set up the pool this weekend and begin another summer of fun! I'll grab a photo and pass it along when the project is complete!

Our array of summer activities has expanded this summer of 2007! We can all walk across the sand dune and are in no need of a tent for Will to nap! I can carry a few chairs, and toys and food alone! Now that rocks!! Whoo the beach will be a regular occurrence!

Also, we will be swimming with our friends Benjamin, Bradley, Alexander, Hamilton and Logan and Andrew in Kevin and Erica's COOL POOL!! And if there is any time left and we still have not had enough water - we have joined the YMCA pool and will spend time there with our friends.

But most importantly and the reason for my blog is to state the following: I - Renee - Now feel like I can actually take all three kids to a water filled basin without fear of losing someone! That is a feeling of freedom that extends beyond words! Our summer will be a blast and I look forward to building memories that will last a lifetime!! Time may make wrinkles, but it works in our favor as well!!

Can't wait to swim with you!!

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dollydimples said...

Boy do I know what you mean!!! Last summer I dont think I even made it to the mailbox on most days. This summer I hope to not be a hermit :) We are counting on the Mongolds livening up our pool on a regular basis. You have a standing invitation.