Friday, June 8, 2007

The kind of person we want to create...

I went pick up the kids at school yesterday. It was a normal day. We rushed to get out of the house so I could get the kids to school - make the YMCA for a workout and then get to work by 11am to start my day at the pottery shop. Will took a nap while I cleaned and accomplished "pottery" things. At 2pm I headed back to school to pick up Ben and Kyle. and that is where my day became extra special!

Kyle's teacher took me aside and with tears in her eyes told me the sweetest story that I have heard in a long time! There is a very special little boy in Kyle's class. I will call him "Jack" so as not to use his real name. Jack suffers from multiple disorders, down syndrome being one, and a bone density deficiency being another. He is extra small and shaped differently than the other children and has a many things about him that make him different. Now Jack could be the nicest and sweetest little boy I have ever met. He loves to play and hug and say I love you. Just a special little man.

As Kyles class moves from the age of three into the realm of are starting to test boundaries and notice things that they have not thought to take note of in the past.

A child made a derogatory comment to Jack and told him that he looked silly and the he did not want to play with Jack. Now Kyle - who is the youngest child in his class with his end of September birthday - Said with a loud voice "That was Nasty to say, Come on Jack - let's go play."

With tears in here eyes, Miss Arla said ,"Renee...Kyle took Jacks hand and lead him to the sand box and played with him and only him for the rest of the time outside!" When she told Kyle what a good boy he had been Kyle said, "Why did you say that?". Miss Arla just hugged him and pressed on.

Kyle sees no difference in people. He has always been this way. He has helped host my special needs classes at the shop and traveled to the High Shool OHI programs with me and he never changes personality or gets "weird" or "scared" when he is faced with a person who is slightly or more than slightly different than him.

Kyle is a boy that just loves everyone and includes everyone and is praised so often for it. Yet he just tells you to "stop it" when you give him praise...he does not even get why you are doing it?!

Good for you Kyle...for being a great person in your sole! You don't know how you got this way, and you just kind of assume it is the norm...but you are special in so many ways because of this wonderful personality that is growing within you. I was so proud when I picked you up from what seemed such a normal school day yesterday and I thank you for making a hum drum day so special!

I have no cares about my kids being the smartest or the cutest or the best behaved in the lot. As a parent I strive to make the best people that I can make. I want happy, Healthy, centered, grounded and energetic kids. That is all I could ever ask for. Every parent questions their ability to parent on a regular basis? We ask ourselves what we could do better and what we can is the hardest job that there is, and comes with such anxiety and uncertainty about what is around the bend.

And on a few days - a few special days - something happens to make you know that your efforts have paid off ten fold. And yesterday was one of those days!


dollydimples said...

Oh how we all adore Kyle! Great job little man! You are growing into an empathetic, sweet, compassionate young boy that will be adored by all! It has taken me awhile to win you over, but how it is worth it. Your smile and sweet words are worth the wait. I love you Kyle!

Dianne said...

You, Renee, and Kyle made me smile and cry at the same time. What a special boy. But, of course, we all knew that!!

(By the way, who's dollydimples? Have I met her? I feel like I'm getting to know her just by reading her messages!!)

myregalmen said...

Renee--What an awesome boy that Kyle is!! I am SOO proud of him, yet not surprised AT ALL! He has always been the perfect one at sharing, and the one to come up to you on the curb with his enormous heart and crawl into your lap to give & receive love! I admire his character so!! And Renee--my hats off to you because this speaks VOLUMES of the mother that you are and what you have taught your three boys!! I have no doubt that in that same situation all three of your munchkins would have done the same thing! But my adoring love to Kyle today for the love that he out poured!!