Monday, June 18, 2007

My Gift From God! My Love! My Ben!

Could it have really been 5 whole years ago that my life changed forever? It seems like yesterday in many ways...and at the same time I feel that i have been a mother forever! Maybe because all of my life I looked forward to having my own children and being a "mommy"! But no matter - it all started on June 18th 2002!

Steve and I had our nightly walk on the beach, to dinner at a local restaurant and then our walk home. I was starting to think I would be pregnant forever! Doctors said that they would induce in just a few days if nothing happened. And so we went to bed - yet another night - wondering if I would still be pregnant when I awoke in the morning.

Around 3am I woke up to a feeling of "yuck" and the knowledge that the hospital was about 10 min away and we needed to get there right away! The streets were dark and the weather was very very warm. It felt like Steve and I were the only people in the world who had somewhere to be at that moment. The only people on the streets and the only ones moving in the hospital parking lot. Yet there we were - the two people with the BIGGEST purpose in the world...excited and scared to death about what was about to happen to our little family!

And then the wait began. Lots of walking, and praying and waiting, and WAITING! It was not until June 18th around 7:30pm that Ben finally came into this world! With Uncle Brian and Daddy and a super nurse and doctor looking on - Benjamin Charles Mongold was born into this world at 8 pounds one ounce and just as long as a baby could possibly be! He was my little sting bean alien! And I just knew that he was the most beautiful baby that had EVER been born!

It truly could have been the happiest and most important moment in my life! My first baby - my first time as a mommy, our first time as a family of greater than two! Who can remember pain or sickness....all I remember is knowing that my life was perfect and it was due 100% to a little tiny wrinkly man and the husband that sat and started into his eyes with me!

5 years later I have Ben. My best friend. My helper, my soul mate, the love of my life! Ben, you are kind and funny, and serious, and smart. You make me laugh and cry and most importantly, you make me a better person. A mother with such intense purpose in this world. Because of you and how perfect you are - I wanted as many children to follow you as i could muster! You alone changed my world in ways that you may never be able to understand! Thank you Ben, for being my first baby, my true gift and the love of my life!


dollydimples said...

Ok so I am crying now. Ben, you are indeed a special child that oozes intelligence, fun, and greatness. You make my Benjamin's life so much more exciting. You take care of him, you share your toys so willingly, you show him the way! We love you so very much. We are happy to be "the other Benjamin" for so many reasons. One day you will read this and know Ms. Erica adored you from the start. I completely understand how you are your mommy's soul mate. You both are incredibly precious people! LOVE TO YOU BENJAMIN CHARLES MONGOLD!

dandsratz said...

Okay Renee--now that you have made everyone on the street cry with this amazing story of precious Ben!! Ben truly is the most remarkable little man!! There is undoubtedly something SO special about that "1st" that the Lord gives us...a deep love that only we mommies can understand!! are undoubtedly priceless, and SO loved on our street!! Kisses!!!