Monday, June 18, 2007

So Tiny, So perfect, My blessing, my WILLIAM!

I have a ring that was given to me by my husband on the Day that Ben was born. It is an abstract gold molding of a mother and child. In the center was one small and beautiful birth stone showing the month that Benjamin was born. When I had Kyle...we added a September birth stone to my most favorite piece of jewelry of all time! And the months flew was June and we were just days for welcoming a third little Mongold Man into our family.

Now I had a June stone and a September stone....I wanted another color? I mean come on - I'm a woman...who knows the value of great "bling"! So I needed Will to come in July (when he was due) in order to properly place and display my trophy ring and its rainbow of colors!!

"Can we please hold off one more day?"...that is what I asked the doctors when they said that Will would be induced on June the 30th - 2005. Ben has a June birthday and I was hell bent on giving William his own MONTH of the year for his special day. "ok...and a color of his own...but that sounds so vain!) But no matter - the answer was no and so we began out journey to being "the 5 Mongolds" - on June 30th at 3 or so in the afternoon! (Steve would know the exact time, but he is at sea!! ha ha ha ah)

Oh how easy Will came into this world. I went into the hospital at 7am - they broke my water and we started our wait. Doctors said it would most probably take all day, so I should get some sleep and relax while I still had the chance!

Steve decided that since I was going to be laying there for quite some time, that he would head to McDonald's across the street for some lunch and to get a break from the four walls of our room. Not much on TV at 2:30pm, and since we had already napped - he needed to break the madness with a trip of some sort!

Not one min after he walked out the door I started to feel an tremendous amount of pressure in "that" area? I called the nurse. She rubbed my arm and said..."don't worry honey - you have hours to wait...just try and relax." She was so kind and I wanted to believe her loving eyes. But I could not shake the feeling that something more was going on? So I asked her - in my wimpiest, most pathetic voice - "can you just check for me so I can relax?" She pulled back the covers and I could just see the change in her facial expression. As much as she was trying to hide her panic. She reached over to the call button and said "I need a doctor in room #$% right away please."

She said, in the same soft voice "Now...I want you to sit still and make sure that you don't push. No matter how hard that seems. OK?" Well...all at once I realize what is going on. I have a little head already creeping its way out of my body...and my husband is at McDonald's! Dear God...of all the reasons to miss the birth of a child...he would forever know that is was a quarter pouner with cheese! Crap...I have to find him!

So as I am breathing and about to hyperventilate...I pick up the phone and try to call him. Voice mail! So I try again. Voicemail! The third time I choose to just leave a message! "Will is coming now! Run!"

The doctor comes in and is already set to deliver and we go right to it. I am holding back the tears because I know that Daddy is not here and would be different if he was at sea or saving in world in some day - but come one...he is eating fast food!

Just then - the door opens and it is Steve. Oblivious to all that has happened in the last 15 minutes. He is looking down at the wrapper of a large brownie that he has obviously obtained from a snack machine in the hospital and he says, "Dear God Renee...there are enough calories in this one heavy brownie to sustain a human being for a month!"....and then he looks up - processes what is going on...and comes to my side!

He said that he went to walk out of the hospital and just thought better of that idea and so he grabbed a brownie and came back! I guess it is not just mommies who "know" when it is time!!! :)

And in a matter of 5 min - I had baby will. That fast....that easy...all but pain free. He was with us. So tiny - so much smaller than the others - but beautiful and perfect. Silent - content - and YELLOW! (so very jaundice) we sat in wonder of how a mere 20 min of time could produce something so wonderful. Just amazing! No matter how many times you have a child - it never becomes ordinary or less surreal. We had Will! I knew then that my life was a better place...and after two years of loving my little man...I know 10 fold how special and necessary he is in our lives!


dollydimples said...

Well I will forgive you for not blogging for almost a month. Will saved you! What a sweet story of how Will came to enter this world. We are so blessed to call him our friend. We love your little man so very much. And, thank the Lord, Steve didn't miss his littlest man for a big mac and fries. How could he explain that one to his son??? Thanks for the story. I loved it!

dandsratz said...

Okay Renee--my heart was RACING..."STEVE HURRY UP!!" What an incredible story!! Oh that precious little Will!! I could eat him up! You know, its so neat too, how your labor & delivery almost matches him to a "t" too! To our little happy man driving mommy's car in the driveway--we love you!