Monday, June 4, 2007

A weekend with the family...

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my family. The whole family. Every sibling in once place. It was truly a blessing from God that we are all healthy and happy and able to spend 4 days in one place.

The amazing part to me is that each one of us grew up with the same parents, in the same house, and would never know that we were all related if it were not for the ability to take blood test and our own proclamation and we are all brothers and sisters!

Here is what I have learned about my family over a few beers and a few late nights of gabbing. This blog is mostly for my college roommates and high school friends that have known my siblings over the years. I am always asked, "What is Patrick up to?" And in times where months have gone between visits I am forced to say, "About 6 feet 4 inches!" Simply because that is all I can know for sure without some real solid face time!

Brian: Now Brian lives here with me in Chesapeake, so I am able to give the best consistent answer about his wear abouts. Brian brought Laura with him to Pennsylvania for the weekend. This is the FIRST girlfriend that Brian has EVER brought to a family weekend event in his life. Now if that does not speak volumes about their relationship then nothing does! Brian is quiet and reserved about his personal life and he always has been. We fish for info from him and he is undoubtedly on to us in the first few min of our fishing and therefore will crack a joke and tell us about his last Kiaking trip!! Having Laura with us for the weekend has helped everyone to not only know her better, but it helped everyone to know Brian a litte better as well. Laura is fun and pretty and energetic and she was one of the family in seconds. She helped Brian to pick on Patrick, she helped me to cook and do dishes, she helped my Mom to gain comfort in the fact that Brian is in good hands, and she helped us to have super, upbeat and meaningful conversations until the wee hours of the morning. Thank you Laura.

Mark flew in from Washington State. He is our mystery man and we were so happy to see and hear of his crazy west coast life. Mark is a lover not a fighter and he played with my kids for hours with no sign of dwindling patience. Uncle Mark was a hero in Ben's eyes. I think he pitched that Ball for 2 hours at at time while Ben swung and missed!! Mark is newly single and in a place of uncertainty about his life. I think if nothing else, talking to all of us helped him to know that everyone is in some place of uncertainty about their lives - no matter what picture the events of our lives portray! Mark is seriously considering moving back to Pittsburgh - the east coast - and we could not me more excited to have closer to us. He is in school and working towards his degree while he works at the Yellow pages to pay his way to his end goal. He is still handsome and sweet and just the man I saw one year ago.

Alyssa is a nut. Still a nut! She was ready to drink a beer at 5pm each day and ready to hit the bars as soon as night fall rolled around. She and Ben bonded yet again and he asks about her daily. Alyssa and Ben are two peas in a pod. They talk non stop, always have something crazy to report, and they wear their emotions on their sleeves from morning till night! Easy to get to know both Alyssa and Ben because they are so willing to share their inner most thoughts! Somehow I gave birth to my sister? And that helps me to "get" her much better than I did 5 years ago. I know she and Ben are going to be best of buds for their whole lives to come! I can't imaging life without Alyssa. She cares beyond belief and would be there for any one of us when needed without questions asked! Alyssa is a case manager for special needs children in the Harrisburg area. She starts her new job with the city this week and is really looking forward to the difference she can make in this world through her job!

And Patrick? Patrick is the most handsome of the lot. He is 6 foot 4 inches with long crazy hair that he keeps in a dew rag! He is built like a movie star and has a smile that will charm snakes. His new girlfriend Sarah fit right into the family and I can tell how taken she is with Patrick as she just stares at him from across the room. I am sure many women feel the same way about our hottie little brother!! Patrick has his own apartment in DuBois and works for a roofing company. He seems to be a hard working just based on his build and the muscles on top of muscles that comes from his heavy lifting each day! Patric turns 21 in just a few weeks and our troubled youngest brother is really coming into his own. He truly played with all three of my kids for at least 1/2 of the long weekend. He showed no favorites and no lack of patience. He played whatever they wanted, stopped fights, kept them from harm, made rules for their games, and the kids just worship him. I know Patrick is not an Internet guy, but if you ever read this Patrick - THANK YOU. While we have not lived in the same house since you were 3 - I felt like I got to know you a little better this weekend! You are turning into a really great man and I am so proud of you! My kids talk about you daily and you - and Sarah - have left quite a solid impression with all of us. We can't wait to see you again! It can't be too soon so get in a car and get down here!

And Mike...our adopted brother! Seeing you always makes my week! You are so handsome and fun and your personality never waivers - you know who you are and it is so comforting to know that we can see you once a year and still have the same bond that we had when we were kids! Your marriage and new life make you a happy person and I could not be more happy for you!

So that's the deal. We had drama, gossip, laughter, beer, and lots of food...and we had a weekend to remember for the whole year. I value my time with my brothers and sister so very much and it leaves an empty place in my hearw for weeks to come when I have to leave you all. Maybe some day we will all live near each other and until that happens - I can't wait till our next time together!

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dollydimples said...

How fun it was to read about your family, the people who helped make you the Renee I love! So, if any of them are reading your blog: THANKS!

It is so funny how we all have the "crazy family" stories and we all think we are the only ones...yet we never are. In fact, those crazy family moments are what makes us FAMILY. It was great to get a closer glimpse of who you are. Thanks for writing it, Renee!