Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A 5 year old teaches his mommy how to apply herself!

A storm was upon us. It was about a week ago. Those of us who live in this neighborhood remember it well!! The power was out and we were really at a lack for something to do? Kyle was enjoying the flashlights and the possibilities of scary monsters hidden in the depths of the closest and Will was just tooling around - but Ben....Ben was scared! Scared that the lights would NEVER come back on - scared that we would get hot without air conditioning - scared that Daddy's Submarine would not be able to see land and scared that he would never eat again because I was not able to make cheesy mac or pizza? Ben was just a pile of negative nervous energy and he was asking one questions after another and truly - DRIVING US NUTS!
So I asked him "What can we do to take your mind off of this tragedy until the lights come back on?".....and I gave some choices: A Game, Color, Play with some toys upstairs or maybe even a puzzle? Yeah...my own fault because I put that option in there...but he latched on to the puzzle idea with the most enthusiasm I had seen him show in over an hour! Doing a puzzle was about to change our whole night!
Miss Erica bought Ben a Shrek puzzle for his birthday. The age says 5 and up? 200 pieces? And so we begin on the coffee table in the living room. Each piece turned the right way (will was helping to undo this very well) and we separated the end pieces from the middle and so on and so on. Ben had never done a puzzle of this skill level before but he took to it like a machine. One instruction from me and he was finding every piece with "sky" in it in seconds. He had the border done in about 30 min...and then we moved on to the inside picture. 3 hours later - we had our masterpiece! And while I yawned and had anxious moment of feeling like it would never be over....Ben was truly like a puzzle maniac...he stayed focused and intent and excited...very little frustration....no facial expression...just pure intense devotion to the project at hand! Amazing really!
Well...I am not a puzzle person...I am a "play t-ball in the yard" person ...or a "go swimming at the beach" person. I need to exert energy and run to be at peace. I don't think I have ever finished a puzzle in my life! Thank you Ben for helping mommy to get to the end of this little adventure!!
We saved the finished product for daddy to see when he got home and we will delve into 300 pieces next time I hit Target! Thanks Erica for the hours of Fun and Great Job Ben...your persistence and "stick-to-it" ism...will take you great places! Thanks for the lesson in self application and what it can accomplish!!


Erica said...

Great Job, Ben! That was no easy feat, and you even got your mom to sit through the entire process! AMAZING YOU ARE!

Sometimes no power for 3 hours is just what we need to slow down, forget the dishes, the laundry, the million things on our to do list and just have some good old fashioned family time! Good for you for taking advantage of the blessing in disquise. Although, some airconditioning during the outage would have been nice!

dandsratz said...

WOW BEN!! I'm SOO impressed!! That was a huge task!! Ben, you are so smart, and I can just see you sitting there focusing on getting it done!! I totally agree with Erica...our lights being out last week for those hours was SOO much fun, and a great family night! In some crazy way--I wish it would happen more often! (Just give me the air conditioning though! :) ) GO BEN!!