Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Childhood Dreams Come True!

It is my goal in this life I have been given, to create a special world for my children. I hope to create a world full of "Wow", a world full of reality checks, a world full of compassion, emotion, highs, lows and most of all, a mental box full of memories that can be shared into their golden years with friends and their own families!

Now the Mongolds just embarked on a weeks vacation to Kitty Hawk North Carolina with our very dear Friends Shelli and Hunter and their two little Men, Shane(5) and Ryan(3). I can say only this about our week of fun...it was just not long enough! Next year I am going for two weeks - even if it means selling a car! :)Did I do this many fun things as a child? I'm not sure...but I am sure of one thing...this is just the beginning for my little men! I want their box to be full to the brim with stories and memories and feelings of love !

So back to the memories.... (and for the record...we spent an entire week on the beach and it seems that no one had a camera on any single day that we were on the beach? Yeah...we sure kept those cameras safe from the sand didn't we! Of course we lost about 1000 and one photo ops...but hey...who's counting...at least I have the memories in my own mind! Fond memories!!)

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dandsratz said...

Renee--What a FUN week it sounds like ya'll had, for sure!! I LOVE the pictures, especially those of the Corolla horses with the boys!! I totally agree--at least two weeks of consecutive vacation...I'm going for three! :) (Yeah, right!) Your friends sounded like a ball, and how neat that ya'll could go together with all of the children and create such an armoir of memories that I'm sure the Mongold children will NEVER forget!! You are an amazing mom, and are undoubtedly creating a phenomenal world that they will always cherish! We love you!