Friday, July 13, 2007

Daddy's Protege....or not?!?!

About a week and a half ago Daddy took Ben and Kyle to visit the navy base in Norfolk, VA. Their goal was to take the kids on their first tour of a submarine, to see and understand what Daddy did when he left the house for weeks at a time. And if time permitted there were going to just "see what else they could see" while they were on base.

The kids were enamored with the sub and all the buttons and lights and most of all the "bed" or rack that daddy sleeps in! They look small with a three and five year old in the heck to grown men sleep there?

Steve showed them where he ate and where he had meetings and even how to drive the boat!
And in the end...the kids were even taken to the place where the torpedo's are launched and were able to see and touch the real thing!!! :)

What a wonderful day the boys had together and Steve was so proud to show his little men the place that he calls home when he is away from his family!

We are so very proud of what Daddy does for a living and for our country and it only makes me sad that the boys were not able to see the marvel of a real submarine sooner!

Now the funnies part of the day was this....After they were done on the Sub, Steve asked the boys if they would like to head to the airfield to see what was there. Of course they both screamed YEAH!!! And off they went. Just so happened that a friend of Steve's was there at the air base and was getting ready to head out on his helicopter. I am a novice at the names of anything that does not submerge, so I can't tell you what kind of helo they toured...but here are so photos of the fun!

What a perfect day! So the kids come home...just yelling and screaming all at once the stories of their day with Daddy!!! Now I, knowing only that they had seen a submarine at this point said, - in an effort to calm them down so I could hear individual words...So what do you guys want to do when you grow up!

And they said in unison "FLY A HELICOPTER!!! ha ha ha ha

Oh my how I laughed! Even a 2 hours tour on a submarine can't compare to 10 min in the hull of a helicopter! And Steve looked at them and said - I think that is a great choice guys!!! :) and we just shared a smile and listened to the next 30 min of detail about the day!


oofie goofie said...

I love to see kids proud of their Daddy!

dollydimples said...

What a fun day of memories for your little and big men :) How Steve sleeps and lives on a sub is beyond me...but we are thankful that he does it for us. We are able to sleep at home in our beds, while he serves us and our country. How amazing that sacrifice is that our husbands make every day, and us picking up the pieces while they are away. Renee, you continue to impress me with your strength and dignity, your compassion and humility. Especially considering the last few days, you are truly a remarkable woman. The boys are blessed to have their daddy, but they are certainly blessed to have you! Hugs to all!

dandsratz said...

Oh my goodness-what an incredible day!! I'm old and I want to go!!! FIELD TRIP STEVE!!! :) We love ya'll!