Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A gift for Mommy!

After 2 weeks on the beach and two week of sickness...and trying my best to keep our house and bodies clean and presentable! I was made aware - by my wonderful husband - that i had forgotten about THE CAR!

Yeah....so we would get in and eat lunch...go to the beach and bring home sand...leave our school papers...gum wrappers...lolly pop sticks...toys...clothes...shoes...and so much more. Who is counting...it's my car right?!?! Well...the truth of the matter is that the car looked like a war zone and it was down right embarrassing. My theory was that we only had to get from point a to point b - we didn't need to live in there!

So after 3 weeks of trashing my car - Daddy, Ben, Kyle and Will spent an afternoon undoing the damage!! They had such fun! Watching them scrub and clean and laugh and get wet...was enough to make me want to trash it all over again!! Here are some photos of my team working together to clean mommy's car! And Erica, Bradley and Benjamin helped to supervise this event! You did good guys!!!

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Erica said...

Glad I could make sure all was going according to plan! :) What would you do without me and my supervision trait?

To at least two days of a clean car! Great job Boys...and p8re8!!