Friday, July 13, 2007

Mommy near death experience creates Mongold Jedi's

Well, as many of you know, a crazy bacteria entered my body recently and wreaked havoc on my life. As of Tuesday afternoon I was no longer able to get up off the floor and my angel brother had to leave work and rescue me! I spent a day in the hospital and another day in my own bed before I even remembered I had a house or children to care for. And Uncle Brian had it all under control.

Their PJ's didn't match, and there were toys everywhere, but you would have though - by the look on the kids faces - that they were on week two of their family vacation...and the better half I might add!

As the story goes it is Friday morning and I am finally able to come down stairs and take part in my life again! So grateful for my brother and for my neighbors who saved me this afternoon with even more help with the kids! I just am so darn lucky that it makes my heart swell and my eyes tear to realize that I don't really know how I could have come through this without Brian, Erica and Sue? But lucky for me...I don't need to know that because they are here and they are my angels!

Anyway - small tangent of greafulness...but back to the story...Ben says to me when he woke up this morning as he sat at the table with Uncle Brian and Kyle eating Captain Crunch and seeing who could fit the most in their mouth. " I have to go to school anymore?". I asked him why? Did he not like school and he said "Yeah..I like school but Uncle Brian teaches us things too.". so of course i bite...I should have known better...but I go ahead and ask the question, "WHAT DID UNCLE BRIAN TEACH YOU?". And Ben jumps out of his chair...runs to the living room and grabs his light saber (star wars death weapon for anyone that does not know...) and he starts twisting his wrist and moving this light saber all over the room with this serious look on his face. And when he was done he said "So what did you think mom...Uncle brain taught me to use a light sabre like a real Jedi and Kyle can do it too!"

Yeah...we are sooooooooooooo going to school on Monday!!

But just the same...if everything happens for reason in this crazy world..the last three days of time spent with Uncle Brian have been very special for all of us and will never be forgotten!

May the force be with you!


The mom of two Jedi nights!


Erica said...

So I guess I will have to LOVE star wars now, huh? Your boys can be my own little jedis anytime they want. I would welcome them, light sabers and all!

Sometimes, siblings are the only reason we get through. We have to be so thankful to them for stepping in when no one else will!

So happy you are back on your feet again.

dandsratz said...

I have to commend Brian, too!! He was on the street, herding the little men like a real pro!! And truthfully Renee--your boys were having SOOO much fun!! For you to be so sick last week--they were still laughing their heads off and were their chipper, loving, little selves! GO BRIAN!!! Thank the Lord for loving family!!