Sunday, August 26, 2007

A journey to priceless memories

The Mongold family set out on a week long adventure to visit family and friends this past week. and what an adventure it was! 9 hours up to DuBois, 2 hours to Danville, 2 hours to Lancaster, and 9 hours back to Chesapeake! We had our ups and downs and some crazy bad weather...but in the end...what we will remember is this:

1.) We played hide and seek in Grandma and Pop Pop's castle
2.) We played with Uncle Patricks Turtles!
3.) We saw uncle Patrick on the day before he set out to be a college student
4.) We talked to Aunt Alyssa about her wedding and the man she will marry
5.) We welcomed Uncle Mark back to the East coast!!
6.) We hugged our Nana and Pop Pop (Renee's Grandparents!)
7.) We went to the "other" Busch Gardens (small local amusement park in Danville)
8.) We met Michael and Ella...the newest addition to our big college family (10 kids from the 4 of us!)
9.) We talked for many priceless hours with my 4 college roommates and all of their families
10.) We ate great food and enjoyed countless hours of smiles
11.) We saw mountains that stretched for miles and miles
These photos capture the special moments of our tour of Pennsylvania! It is good to be back in our own beds, but we will dream of the special times we had over the past week and thank God, in our prayers each night, for the time we were given to share a brief moment of our lives with the people who make us who we are! With our friends...our family! The most important people in the world!

It was 48 degrees and we had nothing but PJ's and Sweat Shirts to wear!!

Our Dear Friend Gretchen and her Mother show off Lincoln to us for the first time!

Kids got a bit stir crazy!

So Nana and Pop Pop suggested Knobles Grove!

After that we drove to see my dear friend Angela and had a college roommate reunion!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A perfectly wonderful time with friends!

We have had such a super, normal, fun weekend! Playing with our friends in the neighborhood and accomplishing nothing!! Thank you Erica, Kevin, Benjamin, Bradley, Sue, Dave, Alexander, Hamilton, Sarah, Scott, Justice, Holt and Landry for a perfectly enjoyable Weekend!!! Since I have nothing other than my happiness and contentment to share...I though that I would let Will say.....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Smile Kyle....or NOT!

From the day I named Kyle...I had one small regret! The name Kyle...rhymes with SMILE...and anyone who is a parent knows that we use the word SMILE in conjunction with a child's least 10 times a day in the beginning and then every single time we have a camera in our hands for the rest of time! SMILE KYLE....we would say...and then Steve and I would look at each other like ...."Oh my...what have we done!"...ha ha ha ha.....not to say I don't like the name Kyle...just the opposite...I LOVE IT. But everything has a down side and you don't have to look to deep to see the small flaw in Kyle's name!

So as life would have not one to cooperate in photos. I was making and album the other day and I realized that I have almost NO photos of Kyle without a silly look on his face! It got the the point where I started searching for just one? One photo with a stoic smile and an award winning pose? Yeah...not to be found!

In the light of showing my point to all of you, I have compiled some of my favorite "non" smile photos of Kyle. Now...while this is sad as a mother to know that I will remember Kyles life as a "clown" and not a normal boy...I will also always remember Kyles special gift of making every situation a fun time! He is silly and has a personality and sense of humor beyond his years. He can make me laugh on an adult level at least 3 times a day. Interesting guy that Kyle and these photos show just how crazy my little man is!

And in the future...we need to find another word to use when we want Kyle to smile...not only does the rhyme part drive me nuts...but let's be is not working! any ideas!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the craziest and best 6 years of my life!

It all started out 6 years ago with a wedding that far exceeded any expectations that we might have had. All of our friends and family together in one place for almost a whole week. Golf, dinners, parties, a wedding and a super reception that we will remember with the most vivid thoughts for a lifetime! Our honeymoon to Mexico was the culmination of a perfect event! And it began our life together as husband and wife!In the first month of our marriage we found out that we were expecting a new little Mongold. While we waited for Ben's arrival we built our first house in the Chesapeake Beach area of Virginia Beach! It was ready for us to move into in the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy and all painted and pretty when Ben arrived!

We were now ready for Ben to arrive!The above photo is the Mongold family on the first anniversary of our marriage! In our new house!After just a bit over a year in our new house it was time for the military to move us. We headed to Grotton Ct. in my 8th month of pregnancy with Kyle. Within a few weeks of relocating, Kyle was born in New London CT.And then there were two!6 months later - it was time to move again! Much to our surprise we were given orders to come back to Hampton Roads. We decided to bring our family to Larkspur Lane and Chesapeake! We could never have known then what a super place to live this would be for our family!

We move in February and in March we had another addition to our family. This time...I did not have to get pregnant - rather we headed to the SPCA and adopted Cali! Who is now as much a part of our family as any one of us!!The very next spring, Mommy decided to take on a little business venture and we purchase a pottery studio in Chesapeake! This also became another member of our family in the years to come.Two months after purchasing the pottery studio - that Ben named "The Paint Shop" in the first month of owning it! We welcomed little Will into our world!

And then there were three!
And here we are - just a few days shy of our 6 year anniversary - three kids, three houses, one dog, one pottery shop and 6 years later - celebrating the best and craziest life we could have ever thought possible! The Navy has called us to move again, and so we will graciously accept this new phase in our lives - this new adventure. We will move, bring home our little girl from china...and wait to see what life holds for us next!

Thank you Steve for working with me to create the most wonderful family and life. We have times where you carry the load and times where I bear it alone... and in the end we have a life that we lead together through thick and thin. We are a team and we make a darn good one in my mind! Thank you for our life and for your encouragement and patience and for putting up with all of the crazy things I get in my mind to do! You are a great man, a super daddy and a wonderful husband! Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more great years together!

A fun quiz!

About a month ago I started reading some much longer books to Ben and Kyle upon bedtime. Erica started this trend with her gift of the book Wind in the Willows - super book!! I loved the idea of chapters and longer more in depth stories and started buying more and more chapter books that we can't finish in one night - some take two or three nights!
I was not sure at first that they could follow me if the story was not read in one sitting, but they have proved me wrong! Many of you probably started this a while ago...but I am often a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to stuff like this. I think I under estimate my kids abilities sometimes and think them younger than they are? Anyway - here is what I did last night!

We had just finished a long version of The clumsy alligator (usborn books) 10 chapters. It took us two nights. And when I was done...they wanted to start over and were not ready for the reading time to be over.
Now I am just being honest...I didn't feel like starting another book. I was tired...needed a shower and had yet to eat I said...let's take a quiz? They looked at me like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!??" I began looking through the book and asking them questions from the story. What was the name of the Alligator? (I started out obvious and then moved on) My questions became very specific about the details of the book. What color was the toy train that Cassie knocked over? What were the names of the Theives in the book?
etc. etc...and to my amazement...even though it was info that they took in a whole night before...they knew every answer! It ended up taking another 1/2 an hour to finish our QUIZ and truly I could have read another book in that time...but I just loved the fact that they were remembering and loving to spit out the info! And it shows how much little people really do take into their brains...makes me want to be even more careful what I say on the phone or to daddy etc. etc...they not only listen...but they remember in great detail! :)

In the end...we went to bed and they asked me if they could take a QUIZ every day! Now those are not words that we will hear in a few years...but what the heck...might as well start the world of quizzes and tests in a positive light! If you have not tried it - do so! It was fun for all of us!! :) And if you do this on a regular basis already....remember....let me know these things...I always need advice when it comes to expanding my children's minds!! ha ha ha...I am slow I tell ya...always looking for new ideas! ha ha ha!!! :) Happy reading!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just a few fun photos from our beach week with the family!

Nana is a super photographer! She captured our super week so well! Here are some of her works of art!!
Look what I found!! Kyle and Aunt Sylvia
Daddy and the boyz.
Nana and the kids Daddy and William at the end of the day.

Kyle the fish.
You can do it Will...
So darn cute!

Daddy is kind of like a boat!

My Three Angels!

Taking the Yacht for a float!

A perfect day!