Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So Ben has become quite the photographer and he takes our camera and shoots hundreds of photos in any given day! Most are of his toys and of the floor and things like that...but the other day I had quite a find when I looked through his works of art....

Just a little history...The one thing that Will does that drives us all nuts is CLIMB. He will reach the highest point possible in a room by any means that he can muster! We have an absolute "no tolerance" policy for getting up on the kitchen table and swinging from the light. Sounds funny so some...but truly - Will would spend his whole day on the Kitchen table if we would let him.

As a result of his constant punishment for this act, he rarely even tries to get on the table when I am around. Of course - I though he just didn't EVER get up on the table...and after Ben's photos...I realize that it is only "WHEN I AM NOT AROUND"! Busted William James!!!

Hmmm...I wonder if Ben will Tell on me?

Let me just put part of my body up on the table and see... far so good...a little further now...

Yeah....I am home free!!

Pure Evil....that's Me!!! :)


Erica said...

That little stinker! He is so smart. Next time he will throw a punch to Ben for his "paparazzi" photography! William, we love you, but you sure can be naughty!

dandsratz said...

This is HILARIOUS!!!