Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the craziest and best 6 years of my life!

It all started out 6 years ago with a wedding that far exceeded any expectations that we might have had. All of our friends and family together in one place for almost a whole week. Golf, dinners, parties, a wedding and a super reception that we will remember with the most vivid thoughts for a lifetime! Our honeymoon to Mexico was the culmination of a perfect event! And it began our life together as husband and wife!In the first month of our marriage we found out that we were expecting a new little Mongold. While we waited for Ben's arrival we built our first house in the Chesapeake Beach area of Virginia Beach! It was ready for us to move into in the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy and all painted and pretty when Ben arrived!

We were now ready for Ben to arrive!The above photo is the Mongold family on the first anniversary of our marriage! In our new house!After just a bit over a year in our new house it was time for the military to move us. We headed to Grotton Ct. in my 8th month of pregnancy with Kyle. Within a few weeks of relocating, Kyle was born in New London CT.And then there were two!6 months later - it was time to move again! Much to our surprise we were given orders to come back to Hampton Roads. We decided to bring our family to Larkspur Lane and Chesapeake! We could never have known then what a super place to live this would be for our family!

We move in February and in March we had another addition to our family. This time...I did not have to get pregnant - rather we headed to the SPCA and adopted Cali! Who is now as much a part of our family as any one of us!!The very next spring, Mommy decided to take on a little business venture and we purchase a pottery studio in Chesapeake! This also became another member of our family in the years to come.Two months after purchasing the pottery studio - that Ben named "The Paint Shop" in the first month of owning it! We welcomed little Will into our world!

And then there were three!
And here we are - just a few days shy of our 6 year anniversary - three kids, three houses, one dog, one pottery shop and 6 years later - celebrating the best and craziest life we could have ever thought possible! The Navy has called us to move again, and so we will graciously accept this new phase in our lives - this new adventure. We will move, bring home our little girl from china...and wait to see what life holds for us next!

Thank you Steve for working with me to create the most wonderful family and life. We have times where you carry the load and times where I bear it alone... and in the end we have a life that we lead together through thick and thin. We are a team and we make a darn good one in my mind! Thank you for our life and for your encouragement and patience and for putting up with all of the crazy things I get in my mind to do! You are a great man, a super daddy and a wonderful husband! Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more great years together!


LoveBKW said...

GREAT! You made me get all choked up at work. :)

I thank God every day for you and our family. I truly consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world, and I credit my incredible good fortune in life almost entirely to you. I could not ask for a better wife, a better life, or more beautiful children. When I am away from home, it never escapes me that the person in our family that is really fighting the war, is you at home. You are a remarkable woman, the foundation of our home together, and a phenomenal source of strength and inspiration. I LOVE YOU - and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Here's to many more to come!!

Your loving husband, Me.

Erica said...

Ok I want to cry because what BOTH of you wrote! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So, let me watch the boys and you guys go out tonight...a peaceful dinner...CMON...say yes!

Love you all!

dandsratz said...

NO KIDDING!! Alright, I need to cry, too!! That is SOOO sweet! Renee, I LOVED reading ya'lls "story!" HOLY COW--have ya'll ever squeezed in alot in 6 years! And you know what is the neatest part...you can TOTALLY tell how In Love the 2 of you are....it radiates from you both! You gleam at each other! You do have a phenomenal family, and the foundation you have is so obvious! The boys are so blessed to see such an amazing example of Love that you give to them everyday! So to MANY MANY more years together, and big wishes that you'll get "sent back" to our street again! We love ya'll!!! Happy Anniversary!

dandsratz said...

These new pictures on your blog are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous family!!! :)