Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A fun quiz!

About a month ago I started reading some much longer books to Ben and Kyle upon bedtime. Erica started this trend with her gift of the book Wind in the Willows - super book!! I loved the idea of chapters and longer more in depth stories and started buying more and more chapter books that we can't finish in one night - some take two or three nights!
I was not sure at first that they could follow me if the story was not read in one sitting, but they have proved me wrong! Many of you probably started this a while ago...but I am often a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to stuff like this. I think I under estimate my kids abilities sometimes and think them younger than they are? Anyway - here is what I did last night!

We had just finished a long version of The clumsy alligator (usborn books) 10 chapters. It took us two nights. And when I was done...they wanted to start over and were not ready for the reading time to be over.
Now I am just being honest...I didn't feel like starting another book. I was tired...needed a shower and had yet to eat dinner...so I said...let's take a quiz? They looked at me like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!??"....so I began looking through the book and asking them questions from the story. What was the name of the Alligator? (I started out obvious and then moved on) My questions became very specific about the details of the book. What color was the toy train that Cassie knocked over? What were the names of the Theives in the book?
etc. etc...and to my amazement...even though it was info that they took in a whole night before...they knew every answer! It ended up taking another 1/2 an hour to finish our QUIZ and truly I could have read another book in that time...but I just loved the fact that they were remembering and loving to spit out the info! And it shows how much little people really do take into their brains...makes me want to be even more careful what I say on the phone or to daddy etc. etc...they not only listen...but they remember in great detail! :)

In the end...we went to bed and they asked me if they could take a QUIZ every day! Now those are not words that we will hear in a few years...but what the heck...might as well start the world of quizzes and tests in a positive light! If you have not tried it - do so! It was fun for all of us!! :) And if you do this on a regular basis already....remember....let me know these things...I always need advice when it comes to expanding my children's minds!! ha ha ha...I am slow I tell ya...always looking for new ideas! ha ha ha!!! :) Happy reading!


Erica said...

How fun! The quiz was ingenious! And to give that dreaded word such a positive spin is great parenting! I am glad the Wind in the Willows spurred you on to bigger and better and LONGER things. My grandmother gave Benjamin Wind in the Willows. I, too, was hesitant. However, I have learned my grandmother can DEFINATELY pick out a book for Benjamin and for me. We have never been disappointed. And, Benjamin loved it! We have since done Tom Sawyer...and are now going to do Huck Finn. It is just so much fun to read something different every night. To our genius children and their moms who are trying their best :)

Erica said...

p.s i LOVE the picture on the beach of all of you. It really captures the MONGOLD essence of fun!

dandsratz said...

What reading FUN! You are so right...it is amazing what their little minds absorb...scary & fun, all at the same time! :)