Sunday, August 26, 2007

A journey to priceless memories

The Mongold family set out on a week long adventure to visit family and friends this past week. and what an adventure it was! 9 hours up to DuBois, 2 hours to Danville, 2 hours to Lancaster, and 9 hours back to Chesapeake! We had our ups and downs and some crazy bad weather...but in the end...what we will remember is this:

1.) We played hide and seek in Grandma and Pop Pop's castle
2.) We played with Uncle Patricks Turtles!
3.) We saw uncle Patrick on the day before he set out to be a college student
4.) We talked to Aunt Alyssa about her wedding and the man she will marry
5.) We welcomed Uncle Mark back to the East coast!!
6.) We hugged our Nana and Pop Pop (Renee's Grandparents!)
7.) We went to the "other" Busch Gardens (small local amusement park in Danville)
8.) We met Michael and Ella...the newest addition to our big college family (10 kids from the 4 of us!)
9.) We talked for many priceless hours with my 4 college roommates and all of their families
10.) We ate great food and enjoyed countless hours of smiles
11.) We saw mountains that stretched for miles and miles
These photos capture the special moments of our tour of Pennsylvania! It is good to be back in our own beds, but we will dream of the special times we had over the past week and thank God, in our prayers each night, for the time we were given to share a brief moment of our lives with the people who make us who we are! With our friends...our family! The most important people in the world!

It was 48 degrees and we had nothing but PJ's and Sweat Shirts to wear!!

Our Dear Friend Gretchen and her Mother show off Lincoln to us for the first time!

Kids got a bit stir crazy!

So Nana and Pop Pop suggested Knobles Grove!

After that we drove to see my dear friend Angela and had a college roommate reunion!!


Erica said...

Oh we are so happy you had a great visit, but even more happy you are home! Hopefully, after my comment today, we are still welcome in the Mongold yard ;( I am counting on Steve knowing I was just jealous.

Anyway, we are glad to have our screaming neighbors back where they belong!

dandsratz said...

What a grand trip ya'll had!! I LOVED the pictures!! I cannot believe HOW cold it was--holy cow!!! But you know my favorite picture was that priceless smile of Kyle's on the bumper car!!! :) We're so glad that ya'll are home safe & sound! Great memories, for sure!