Thursday, August 9, 2007

Smile Kyle....or NOT!

From the day I named Kyle...I had one small regret! The name Kyle...rhymes with SMILE...and anyone who is a parent knows that we use the word SMILE in conjunction with a child's least 10 times a day in the beginning and then every single time we have a camera in our hands for the rest of time! SMILE KYLE....we would say...and then Steve and I would look at each other like ...."Oh my...what have we done!"...ha ha ha ha.....not to say I don't like the name Kyle...just the opposite...I LOVE IT. But everything has a down side and you don't have to look to deep to see the small flaw in Kyle's name!

So as life would have not one to cooperate in photos. I was making and album the other day and I realized that I have almost NO photos of Kyle without a silly look on his face! It got the the point where I started searching for just one? One photo with a stoic smile and an award winning pose? Yeah...not to be found!

In the light of showing my point to all of you, I have compiled some of my favorite "non" smile photos of Kyle. Now...while this is sad as a mother to know that I will remember Kyles life as a "clown" and not a normal boy...I will also always remember Kyles special gift of making every situation a fun time! He is silly and has a personality and sense of humor beyond his years. He can make me laugh on an adult level at least 3 times a day. Interesting guy that Kyle and these photos show just how crazy my little man is!

And in the future...we need to find another word to use when we want Kyle to smile...not only does the rhyme part drive me nuts...but let's be is not working! any ideas!!!

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Erica said...

OH Kyle how incredibly adorable you are, smile or not! Thankfully, I get to see all of those looks you have on a daily basis, from the sheepish grin to the naughty sly look. You are such a joy to be around. We love you so very much. As I always say, you are definately of the EDIBLE variety. I could eat you up!