Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Anxiety and Excitement of a First Day...

" This morning I softly opened your door Reluctant to rouse you from sleep. Your blonde hair all tousled from a little boy's dream and your body curled up in a heap.

For a stolen moment standing there at your door my mind reached back into time. to a little blue bundle cuddled up in my arms and a gentle hint of nursery rhyme.

Was it not a mere yesterday that you were learning how to walk. And I know that it was just last week we were teaching you to talk.

But somehow, I managed to waken you to your breakfast waiting there. I dressed you in your finest clothes and I carefully combed your hair.

Oh little boy, I love you so and I felt like such a fool... to be so hesitant to let go of you on your very first day of school."

This poem was written 20 years ago by a mom that I don't even know. But when I read it I was so aware of how similar our lives are. I held back tears of both sorry and joy that very first day of school. I was proud of my little man and sad for my loss all at the same time.

To the friends who encouraged Ben to get on the bus that first morning - to the neighbors who helped Ben find his teacher on his first day - to our best friends Sue, Alexander, Hamilton, Erica, Benjamin, Bradley, and Mary Beth, who stood with this first time mom as her baby walked of the school bus in the afternoon - I THANK YOU!
For sharing in our experience and for supporting Ben and Me. I love you guys beyond what words can say and I know with no doubts that my blessing far outreach what any person deserves. I am thankful each and every day!

To Aunt Mary Beth who came from South Carolina to help me get through this week and to my Dear Erica - the angel that lives next door who brought cake and balloons to welcome Ben home... Just thank you! A million times over!

Congratulations Ben! We love you so! You are our big man and we are so very proud of you!


Erica said...

Indeed we are so very proud of Ben. It made my heart so full to see his smile getting of that bus, and I am not even his MOMMY! Thank you for letting us share in such a BIG BIG day at the Mongold house. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of it. Ben, you are the big man on the block, now. CONGRATS on being so brave and such an example to all of the little men following your lead. WE LOVE YOU!

Oh..and the poem made me cry! And my Benjamin (the OTHER BENJAMIN) has 2 years to go :)

Erica said...

BTW, Marybeth we miss you already! You are so much fun to have around. COME BACK SOON...I might break a pipe or something :)

dandsratz said...

What a perfect day, for sure!! :) Ben, we are SOOO proud of you!! You are inspiring all of the little boys on the street to "ride the bus!" YEAH! :)