Friday, September 7, 2007

Evil or decide!!

So yesterday as we played in the street for hours with our friends...our children started to get a bit hungry! I went in and got a bag of small pretzels and put Will in charge of handing them out to the other kids. About 15 minutes later Kyle comes to Erica and I...sitting on our kid watching chairs...and he is crying very hard!

He says, "Mom...Will won't share the pretzels with me...I keep telling him I want 5 pretzels (and at this point Kyle holds up his hand in front of him and shows all 5 fingers)...and he continues with his saga, "And Will keeps giving me high five and walking away!!"

So...the question is Will oblivious to what Kyle wants and just thinks a high five is really in order? Will just smart enough to see a joke where it lies and is on his way to being the next Best Comic Standing!!! :) You decide!

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Erica said...

Ok...somehow I just want to make it clear that this was truly HILARIOUS! Kyle was so distraught and Will was so...well, not distraught! I think, unfortunately, that by saying Will was oblivious is underestimating that sneaky little 2 year old you call WILLIAM. I think he knows. They are so much smarter than we think...and Will is the MASTER of acting like he has no idea what is going on, when in fact he is calculating a devious little plan all along! Will, I AM ON TO YOU!