Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Friends for a lifetime

24 years ago we met Mary Beth. Can it really be that long ago? I'm not old enough to have a friend for that long am I? But's true! 24 years ago I met the person that would be our Aunt Mary Beth!

She was a super friend to me from the start. I was new to the school and kids can be hard on a girl that is new in the 7th grade year! Many nasty looks and turned backs...but not from Mary Beth. She sat with me in the cafeteria and came to my house to play and never made me feel new!

24 years later we look forward to any time that we can spend with Mary Beth! My family was lucky enough to get her for one full week this time around. And boy did we...or should I say she...accomplish a ton during this past 6 days!

It all started on day one with the most difficult happy meal toys in the fast food world! least 20 pieces to put together to make this crazy sea turtle and snake! But she did it...with the help of Ben!!! :)

While MB was in Chesapeake she Ran 13 miles, fixed our broken water pipes, babysat my kids, had a date, did my laundry, rode a bike around the neighborhood to find a lost "blankie", painted two rooms in my brothers house, made dinner, put Ben on the Kindergarten bus, went to the grocery store for me, went shopping with my sister for her wedding gear - and bought Alyssa a pair of shoes!!...she played with the kids from 7am to 9pm every day (and for those of us who know MB...that is a long day of playing!!).

When I took her back to the airport my heart sank! You can't know how much we loved having you hear Aunt Mary Beth! And while you are back at home tonight - you are in our hearts every day!

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