Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Been 4 Years since I got my HAPPY!!!

I loved you right from the start! One look in those big blue eyes in that hospital room and I was hooked! I knew then that this one little man had changed my life forever!! 10 pounds of baby...right from the was like giving birth to a 3 month old! But I knew that you were wise...and special...and I knew that I was the luckiest mother in the world!

I was 42 weeks pregnant and living in CT. A very liberal state where induction is only for emergency reasons. And while I may have felt that ridding myself of this enormous belly that lay out in front of me...was an emergency...the doctors were not so convinced!

Two trips to the hospital and sent home both time. I was huge, tired, and embarrassed that I was not more knowledgeable about "when" it was "time" to have a baby! My first was induced, so the signs were not "old hat" to me. I just waited - in great pain - but I waited. I though that the pain was getting worse as I looked through the sale shelves at the Pottery Barn with my mother in law. But the words "Come back when your water breaks" were stuck in my head and since I didn't want to be "that woman" that was sent home a THIRD time...I just sucked it up and went home to the couch.

By 10:00 that night I was biting on a pillow to ease the pain and truly doing everything I could not to cry and look like a whimp. Finally Steve said...that's it...we are going to the hospital and we are not coming home! So we we drove...the pain became worse....very quickly I knew that this was not good! Next thing I know...I am asking for an epidural....screaming that I could not do this without drugs....and the doctor is saying something about 10 centimeters and fully efaced...don't push....blah blah blah....It's a boy? All kind of a scary blur in my mind...but it was a close call...and in the end....Kyle was not born in the car and that is all anyone really NEEDS to know!

It was my mothers birthday so we called her first! And since I had no drugs or IV's or anything to hold me back - except some seriously sweaty sticking up hair-...I ate lots of food and fell asleep with Kyle in my arms. He was big and chunky and not really all that cute...but he was perfect in every way that mattered to me! I was taken by him he second I saw him!

And boy has he become everything we thought he would and more! It seems weird to say that the most interesting person I know is only 4 years old...but it is true. Kyle is quirky and interesting and his own person. A person that is loved by everyone that comes in contact with him. Can he be the devil - heck yes! But for whatever does not turn people away when he is bad...people smile and say "That Kyle...!" Amazing the effect that he has on me and on those who are with him each day!

Thank you Kyle for being the comic relief part of our team! Thank you for speaking your mind. Thank you for loving us all so very much and for the friendships that you have created and hold so dear! Thank you for giving me my HAPPY! I love you, I love you, I love biggest biggest silly perfect Kyle!


Erica said...

Oh Kyle, you are indeed HAPPY! You make everyone else happy around you, as well. I know my Benjamin (the other benjamin) adores every ounce of you. He thinks you are funny and loves to get into trouble with you. You, to me, are as irresistable as God makes kids. I really could kiss your sweet big head everytime I see you (and most of the time, I do threaten you with my affection!). But, you just smile sheepishly and sort of tell me it is ok if you really want to. For that, I love you even more. You are the exact opposite of the dreaded coworker I used to talk about: YOU ARE THE PLACE WHERE FUN GOES TO LIVE! Happy Birthday sweet sweet boy. Your neighbors adore every quirky, naughty, and fun bone in your body. Hugs and Hugs and more Hugs!

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! Four years!! I remember that night of pain and I can't believe it's been 4 years. Renee, while you were trying not to look like a wimp, I was trying not to be the meddling mother-in-law, hoping to God that you and Stephen would finally make the decision to go to the hospital! I'll speak for both of us - God, were we stupid! But now, we have Kyle. What a gem! Can't wait to hear about his party at Chuckee Cheese. It must have been a zoo and lots of fun. Happy Birthday, Kyle!!

dandsratz said...

OH, these pictures make me want to march right over there and give the biggest kisses!! Kyle, you melt my heart like none other!!! We love you SO much!! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!