Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving - is it who I am...or what I dread?

I go back and forth on my theory about our transient life with the military! I'll have to admit first off, that the Mongold family has been VERY LUCKY when it comes to moving from station to station. We have spent the majority of Steve's career right here in Hampton Roads. Two areas of Hampton Roads...Virginia Beach and Chesapeake...but we have had the ability to see ALL of our old friends and make many SUPER new ones!!

I moved here in 1995 from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I lived in an apartment down on 33rd street at the ocean front at that time. I found my way to Washington DC in 1997 and then back to Hampton Roads just a year later. That's when I met Steve. I was not intimidated by the life of a military family because I had lived in 4 cities in just 5 years. I was the "perfect" person for the job right??? And just 5 houses and 3 apartments later - we have only had to make one move with the military that took us out of the area... to Groton CT! And even that only lasted 6 months! I was READY to move all over the world....prepared in my mind for all the trials that this would bring...and yet we stayed!?

I can remember saying that sometimes I envied my friends who would find their "forever" homes at age 25 or 31! How lucky they are to know that their neighbors and the people they meet can be in their daily lives "forever". But on the other hand - I felt like - for me - this would not be fast moving enough. I truly believed that I NEEDED the moving and the new sights and new people etc. to keep me happy!

Now that I have found a home here in Chesapeake, VA that has every aspect of perfection that a person could as for...I am questioning who I am and what I want once again? I still have the desire to see new places and meet new people...but my "grass may be greener" philosophy has changed a bit. I know that I will like Washington State and I will like the port that we call home just 20 months after that...and two years after that..and I am just as sure that I will like our homes and the people we meet in those, yet undecided, locations!

But what I also know is that I may NEVER have the kind of support and friendship and family that I have here in Chesapeake. I don't mean this in a negative way...more so in an adoring way and in the light of appreciation for how lucky we have been! And I know it will be my life's work to get us back here one day. What WE HAVE is super and comfortable and positive and I wake up with a smile every day and look forward to our t-ball games and our PTA functions and our play on the street with our friends. I look forward to the YMCA and to the Norfolk Zoo and to our weekend birthday parties with our true blue friends that have known us for so long! I look forward to knowing my children's doctors and to passing the hospital where I had William every week. I look forward to the Yellow Park and to our new Harris Teeter! I look forward to weekends with Uncle Brian and Laura...and other weekends of doing nothing but watching our kids play with their BEST friends in the neighborhood.

Now on the other hand...I know that the sights and people in Washington State will be wonderful and we will live our life there to the fullest and take advantage of everything that the area has to offer. But each day I will have a place in my heart that misses our life here in Chesapeake Virginia!

So in the end...I am two people all wrapped up in one. I am as happy for the new experience as I am sad to leave our happy life here. We all know I am here is another item of proof for my unstable mind!!

In June we will say good bye to Chesapeake Beach, Larkspur Lane, and our friends, and we will say hello to the west coast! We will take with us our memories and experiences and the people we love will go with us in our hearts. We will take phone numbers, addresses and e-mails so that we can stay in close touch with our "family of friends" that we will always hold dear! And we will have our cameras ready to send photos of all the things that we encounter in our next stop!

And to those of you who live here in Hampton Roads - we'll be back! Save us a spot at the birthday parties and a bike on the street!

And PS....I am so wordy...and for many of you reading this....the information that you really wanted is as follows: Station: BREMMERTON WASHINGTON - when we are leaving? - JUNE 2008 - and What boat Steve is on - THE ALABAMA - let's ignore that this is really going to happen and let's NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN!!! :)

The Beach will be missed....but we will find another one that has sand and water and nice people to play with!!

We can take vacations from anywhere!

I can only hope that the sights are as great as the ones we saw in Providence RI!!

I hope our renters love our house as much as we do!!

I'll miss driving by our first home!! But I know we will build another one day that is twice as great!!!


Erica said...

I almost decided to NOT comment on this one. All I can say is that I am glad we are leaving in June as well, because I couldn't stand to see you drive away. I don't want to go either (and for goodness sake, I am going to Hawaii), but I can so relate to your feelings. I love the moving...and have said that by the time 30 months in a place rolls around, I am ready for a change. This place is different. I just plain do not want to move. It isn't because of Chesapeake, or any particular thing, it is because of the friends I have here. I have, too, been so blessed. I swear the only thing that would make it perfect is to have my sisters and Tara here. I just know new friends await us in our new homes, but I watch Benjamin's face every afternoon and I think to myself "Erica, enjoy ever minute of this!" So, NO MORE TALKING ABOUT THIS MOVING STUFF! We have almost a year to have more memories, more fun, more pizza and popsicles on the curb, and more reasons to not want to leave :) At least you will only be a short plane ride to paradise, right? Hawaii is just a swim across the pond!

LoveBKW said... more talking about it!! :) We have too much fun yet to be had! And in the end...we will find a way to always be family and that is what matters most!! :)

dandsratz said...

I'm TOTALLY NOT commenting on this!!! :)