Friday, September 14, 2007

So much potential in this little man!

As most of you know...Will is not a talker. He is getting better with his verbal skills, but it gives the phrase "baby steps" new meaning! Each month I see small improvement, but never a huge step toward being a talking member of society.

Now Will is not dumb? He understands everything that goes on, but I also believe he has mastered the art of getting what he wants without HAVING to say a word. The sly smirk and the smile of satisfaction when he gets his way are so obvious even to people who don't know him that well.

So this morning he was holding a flashlight and standing in front of me waving it like a traffic wand GRUNTING. GRUNTING so loud that I just walked away. I had no idea what he wanted.

As I was getting his breakfast ready in the kitchen, Will walked up to me, held out the flashlight in one hand and a pack of batteries (that he got from the junk drawer) in the other and he no uncertain terms..."Momma...Lashlite need baries" (Yep....for those of you who don't read Will...he said Flashlight needs batteries!" Yep...the whole phrase...and it was only missing one F and one T. And he said it in a tone that implied I was a complete idiot for not fixing his problem at the first grunt!

Will...if you can say "The Flashlight needs Batteries" I think it is time to make you more accountable for the English language! And so the effort begins....


dandsratz said...

Renee!! This is SOO cute! I have never seen a child develop such amazing talking skills as fast as Will! I love to hear him talk!! He's SOO smart, and combine that with how absolutely adorable he....TROUBLE!!! :)

Erica said...

Will you indeed have so much potential! Your mommy is spot on about that. The funny thing is that I am not sure if we are on to you, or if you are on to us. You are so incredibly smart...I think you know that we know that you know that we know, etc. :) Anyway, we love you to pieces and cannot wait to hear more of your revelations!

LoveBKW said...

Yeah...I am pretty sure that Will is really an alien for another life form that was sent here as a human to see how stupid we really are!!! :) Sci's your next big movie!!! :) Will takes Larkspur Lane!!