Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Fun of a Frolic!

This past weekend, the Larkspur Lane crew headed to Cedar Road Elementary's Annual Fall Frolic! The kids spent 3 hours just jumping, playing, eating and getting all kinds of grimy! Mix snow cones, tootsie rolls, soda, hot dogs, pop-corn, air jumps... all together in a freshly cut grass field on a 85 degree day...and it just spells fun and sludge!! It was a super day with the best of friends! A day to remember! Thanks for a super time guys!

William got to ride his first pony! And he loved it!Erica told Bradley he would slide down the big slide and gosh darn it she is getting him up to the top!
They made it up and now they are on there way down. Am I the worst photographer or what! ha ha ha
Will has more dirt on his shirt and face than anyone at the whole event!

Trouble with ice-creme!

They are not as sweet as they look! ....or are they?

Neighbors can get away with more than most!!

Go Benjamin Go................

Ben's first trip to the top!

Where's Will?

Where is Will? I must ask it 100 times a day? I ask my neighbors. I ask my husband. I ask Ben and Kyle...Heck...sometimes I just look at the dog and say "Cali...where's Will?" And why you may wonder do I ask this question so many times in a day? WELL....WILL IS ALWAYS MISSING!

I can turn around for 10 seconds and when I look back...Will is just not there? He is not even in view? He will go in people houses, crawl into cars, go into back yards...heck...he will even try to walk down the street to the main road on his way out of the neighborhood!

When I take him out of our street it is even worse! I can't find him in Target and I have lost him in Parks and at Festivals. The only place in this world that I can think of that I have not "misplaced" at the beach. Because at the beach...there is no where to hide and you can see for miles! You can't escape me there little man!

So I want to apologize to everyone that is with me on a daily basis. I am sorry that you have to hear me say "Where's Will" Every 10 minutes! Please know that it even annoys me....and I'm the one saying it!! :)
For whatever reason I have been able to keep track of Ben and Kyle very well over the last 5 years. I can't remember a time when they were two that I didn't know EXACTLY where they were! And since Will didn't even walk till he was 18 months old...this is all new to me? This crazy personality that will just go an explore anything with no fear of being out of site or away from the crowd!
The only thing I can say is that - I SWEAR I will get better at keeping tabs on him or I will invest in a lo-jack - one or the other!! You have my word!! WE love you Will!! Please don't leave us! My world needs you in it!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


My FIRST born child! In his FIRST year of School.....and today I get the package that I have been waiting for all year: THE FIRST SCHOOL PHOTOS!! Yeah....I could not wait to get the package open so that I could see my beautiful baby - showing off that perfect little face and smile!

I knew it would be a good photo because Ben told me himself that he smile so big! Yep...this was the photo that I would remember getting for a lifetime! A monumental moment...

I tore open the plastic wrapper and grabbed out the larges photo that I could feel. It was an 8X10....and this is what it looked like?

Ok....I mean...I love you Ben...and I think you are the best lookin' thing going...but this is just BAD! Were you spitting...or did you have to poop??!! ha ha ah ha.....oh my moment was not as I had planned it. To all of my dear family and friends....I promise to call Knox photos tomorrow to set up another photos shoot! No one is getting this in their Christmas card...I promise!!! :) But I'll keep one close to my heart because behind this crazy still my first baby and this is still his very first school photo!! :)

What the heck is Renee Doing?

Yeah yeah.... I don't want to hear it I am on a blog strike! :) I just don't feel the creative juices working in me...and nothing all that crazy has happened to help me out!! :) I don't even have any real good photos to share? I promise I'll get the camera and set it on the table so I remember to use it!!! :)

Well...the truth of the matter is...and I suppose this can be seen as a small blog about the days and times of the Mongolds this past week and a half...we have been filling up our evenings and free days working toward updating our home-study for the adoption.

What does this mean? short, in the united states (rules differ depending on what state you live in...but they don't differ all that much) it is necessary to have your police clearances, sex offender status, fingerprints, Immunizations for Hepatitis, communicable disease tests, financial status statements, social worker home visits etc. etc. etc....updated yearly. This will have to be done annually - in October - until we receive our child. I get why we need to do it. So much can happen in a year. And while it is not a fun helps to make sure that only the right people receive children into their homes.

Once this 80 page package of information is completed AGAIN...we will take it to the INS and get our visa updated. If we have not received our little girl by next October...we will have to do it again! I really don't think that will happen...but heck...what do we know!?!?! :)

So for the past week the entire family has been to the doctors, Steve and I twice, we have been to the police station, gotten out tax forms and spent most every evening on the computer trying to re-compile all of the information that we need. Most things can not be re-used and have to be re-created because things change so much in a years time. I no longer work, Steve's job is about to change......and so on and so on....

The good news of this morning when I mailed off the last of my medical findings to my social worker...the rush is over...we can now just sit back and wait for our appointment at the INS for federal fingerprinting and visa approval!! :)

And you know what is nuts? While there was some stress and anxiety in getting all of our information back to the social worker by a certain deadline and having to get the kids to the doctors and getting pricked etc. etc......I didn't really mind doing it AT ALL! For one year we have talked about our daughter and tried out LOTS of names and talked of her room decor etc. etc.....but we have had nothing to really "do" to get ready for her. This past week and a half I worked really hard and wheeled and dealed with doctors and police persons...and it was kind of a rush!

And a nice reminder that this work....this stress....this going to mean we get a new Mongold! A little sister...a daughter...a baby that needs a family as much as we need her in our! Yeah!!! Can't tell you how long it will take...but no matter...she is coming and we will wait for her as long as it takes! The current prediction is next summer....and at that time we should have a photo to share with everyone and a real timeline for our travel to get her!

Now see...I am feeling more inspired just typing this blog! Heck...I was thinking in needed something exciting to blog about and maybe I just need to sit down and type!! :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh the pressure of making the "right" decision....

When I was at dinner with some friends of mine last Wednesday night, we talked at great length about the choices we are making for our children and the sacrifices that go along with these choices. For example, I chose for Ben to play t-ball so that he could have a second try at a team sport...and therefore I am at the baseball field - some 20 miles from our house - at least 3 times a week. My sacrifice. All worth it because I believe Ben is truly getting something great out of his experience.

One of the ladies with us at dinner has chosen to put her kids in a school that is academically awesome...but there is no Bus option and so she has become a human taxi this fall to assure her kids this exceptional educational experience that she has chosen for them! Her choice....her sacrifice.

And the list could go on and on...suffice it to say that we have all made choices. And of course we have... because our oldest kids are 5 and unable to make any life altering decisions on their own accord. So the question that we sit around and ask ourselves...and each other is this: Did we make the "right" decisions? Is speech therapy for Will the "right" decision? Is taking Hayley to the next level of gymnastics the "right" decision? Is a pull up the "right" decision?.....etc. etc. etc.....We ran all of our "top of the mind" scenarios by each other and hoped that we could come to a place where we were confident that we had or will make the "right" decisions for our kids - the love of our lives! We don't mind the sacrifice...heck...we are moms...i think we thrive on sacrifice...but did we or are we making, the RIGHT decisions.

So much pressure....yet in the end there is no guarantee that ANYTHING we do is RIGHT or WRONG? No guarantee AT ALL. So I offer this to all of my mom friends and well...just to anyone that is looking for answers to questions that don't have just 1? To questions that have a hundred different possible scenarios....and/or to problems that "no" answer seems to fit just perfect....

I believe that there is no such thing as right or wrong answers once you have entered "adult-hood". In are taught to sit up straight....not talk out of turn...and do you best work on your papers. So...if you slouch, scream out an answer and draw transformers on your have made the "wrong" choice. Now that is as clear cut as it comes. If you hit your brother you are wrong....if you hug your brother you are right. So simple when you are a kid.

But at an adult place in life...we have already chosen the RIGHT path. We learned what that path looked like as early as age 1 and taking that path has become who we are. We know right and wrong and so the choice to be a good person and to do right by people is now made without any conscious thought process - we just do it...and as as result...we now we live in the area of grey.

Our choices are not about right and/or wrong...they are about what path to choose. All paths having possible great outcomes...and possible tragedy...and every other possibility in the middle. No path is right and no path is wrong...just different and with different possible outcomes. WE can't know at the beginning of any journey what lies beyond our vision! Even though we are mom's...we are not superwoman! We can't know!

So fellow mom' this for me....for one day...or even a week - NO PRESSURE TO BE RIGHT! Focus only on making good decisions and make them with a full heart! It is the best we can do!! And that is GREAT! And absolutely no beating on yourselves for making GOOD decisions that end in a less than perfect way! Rather focus on the good that could have possibly come from it and be grateful that you had the guts to make the choice in the first place!

No write or wrong guys...just good, educated, full of love, decisions....for the people that make our world complete!!! OH....and why that photo at the top? Who knows...I was feeling inspired today and that photos is inspiring to me! :) Have a super day!

A Big Thank you for 5 years of Friendship!

So this is the crew! Or what is left of the crew after 5 years of being together as a playgroup! We started out with 9 kids (I think...and that is including stalker girls kid!) in the year 2003. It was January of 2003 to be exact. The first Gymboree session of the new year at the Lynnhaven Gymboree location. Here we were....9 mom's that each had one child, no outside work, and a LOT of time on our hands! We were smart enough to realize our need for support, adult time, company, activity etc....and so we began our weekly play time with mommy and kids that month!

I was lucky enough, this past Wednesday night, to head out to dinner with 3 of the wonderful mom's that I met some 5 years ago! And of the 6 mom's that are left in our group we now have 13 kids among us! Boy can we fill a room!!
There are just people that you meet in this world that you form an immediate bond too and my playgroup friends are those people. We have seen each other through pregnancies, failed pregnancies, marital ups and downs, deployments, tragedy, sickness, highs, lows, birthdays, holidays, rainy days, beautiful days, anxiety ridden days and top of the world days! We know so much about each other that it is kind of scary...and this has bonded us for life.

Thank you ladies for being my friends. For listening to me complain about pottery shops, being alone, being sick, being over worked etc. etc. etc. Thank you for always being there for me to break up my week and give me a day to look forward to! Thank you for being real and honest. Thank you for being my biggest fan when I am at a low and for letting me help you when I needed to feel needed! Thank you for being my friends and may we always find a way to be in each others lives! Know that I am always here for you!