Friday, October 5, 2007

A Big Thank you for 5 years of Friendship!

So this is the crew! Or what is left of the crew after 5 years of being together as a playgroup! We started out with 9 kids (I think...and that is including stalker girls kid!) in the year 2003. It was January of 2003 to be exact. The first Gymboree session of the new year at the Lynnhaven Gymboree location. Here we were....9 mom's that each had one child, no outside work, and a LOT of time on our hands! We were smart enough to realize our need for support, adult time, company, activity etc....and so we began our weekly play time with mommy and kids that month!

I was lucky enough, this past Wednesday night, to head out to dinner with 3 of the wonderful mom's that I met some 5 years ago! And of the 6 mom's that are left in our group we now have 13 kids among us! Boy can we fill a room!!
There are just people that you meet in this world that you form an immediate bond too and my playgroup friends are those people. We have seen each other through pregnancies, failed pregnancies, marital ups and downs, deployments, tragedy, sickness, highs, lows, birthdays, holidays, rainy days, beautiful days, anxiety ridden days and top of the world days! We know so much about each other that it is kind of scary...and this has bonded us for life.

Thank you ladies for being my friends. For listening to me complain about pottery shops, being alone, being sick, being over worked etc. etc. etc. Thank you for always being there for me to break up my week and give me a day to look forward to! Thank you for being real and honest. Thank you for being my biggest fan when I am at a low and for letting me help you when I needed to feel needed! Thank you for being my friends and may we always find a way to be in each others lives! Know that I am always here for you!


Erica said...

What a sweet tribute to friends that made up such an amazing time in your life. Thanks to all of them, for helping them make you into who you are now..the Renee we love so much!

dandsratz said...

Renee, this is such a great blog! There is truly a priceless gem in the perfect friendships like these that you described! How fabulous!!!

Amy said...

Thank you Renee, now I feel better...ha-ha! Love you too!!!!