Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Fun of a Frolic!

This past weekend, the Larkspur Lane crew headed to Cedar Road Elementary's Annual Fall Frolic! The kids spent 3 hours just jumping, playing, eating and getting all kinds of grimy! Mix snow cones, tootsie rolls, soda, hot dogs, pop-corn, air jumps... all together in a freshly cut grass field on a 85 degree day...and it just spells fun and sludge!! It was a super day with the best of friends! A day to remember! Thanks for a super time guys!

William got to ride his first pony! And he loved it!Erica told Bradley he would slide down the big slide and gosh darn it she is getting him up to the top!
They made it up and now they are on there way down. Am I the worst photographer or what! ha ha ha
Will has more dirt on his shirt and face than anyone at the whole event!

Trouble with ice-creme!

They are not as sweet as they look! ....or are they?

Neighbors can get away with more than most!!

Go Benjamin Go................

Ben's first trip to the top!


Erica said...

It was a great day of fun (and you said it best, sludge!) The boys were so grimy and so tired after that...I have no clue how you made it to a birthday party after that. Thanks for having us along. And, thank goodness my feet were clean :)

dandsratz said...

What a perfectly fun day, for sure!! I want to go for a ride on that pony...HOW FUN!!! I'm so glad that ya'll had such a great time!

oofie goofie said...

Looks like fun!!! My son, Joey has the same yellow soccer shirt, he wants to wear it multiple times a week.

I like your new fall colors!