Thursday, October 18, 2007

What the heck is Renee Doing?

Yeah yeah.... I don't want to hear it I am on a blog strike! :) I just don't feel the creative juices working in me...and nothing all that crazy has happened to help me out!! :) I don't even have any real good photos to share? I promise I'll get the camera and set it on the table so I remember to use it!!! :)

Well...the truth of the matter is...and I suppose this can be seen as a small blog about the days and times of the Mongolds this past week and a half...we have been filling up our evenings and free days working toward updating our home-study for the adoption.

What does this mean? short, in the united states (rules differ depending on what state you live in...but they don't differ all that much) it is necessary to have your police clearances, sex offender status, fingerprints, Immunizations for Hepatitis, communicable disease tests, financial status statements, social worker home visits etc. etc. etc....updated yearly. This will have to be done annually - in October - until we receive our child. I get why we need to do it. So much can happen in a year. And while it is not a fun helps to make sure that only the right people receive children into their homes.

Once this 80 page package of information is completed AGAIN...we will take it to the INS and get our visa updated. If we have not received our little girl by next October...we will have to do it again! I really don't think that will happen...but heck...what do we know!?!?! :)

So for the past week the entire family has been to the doctors, Steve and I twice, we have been to the police station, gotten out tax forms and spent most every evening on the computer trying to re-compile all of the information that we need. Most things can not be re-used and have to be re-created because things change so much in a years time. I no longer work, Steve's job is about to change......and so on and so on....

The good news of this morning when I mailed off the last of my medical findings to my social worker...the rush is over...we can now just sit back and wait for our appointment at the INS for federal fingerprinting and visa approval!! :)

And you know what is nuts? While there was some stress and anxiety in getting all of our information back to the social worker by a certain deadline and having to get the kids to the doctors and getting pricked etc. etc......I didn't really mind doing it AT ALL! For one year we have talked about our daughter and tried out LOTS of names and talked of her room decor etc. etc.....but we have had nothing to really "do" to get ready for her. This past week and a half I worked really hard and wheeled and dealed with doctors and police persons...and it was kind of a rush!

And a nice reminder that this work....this stress....this going to mean we get a new Mongold! A little sister...a daughter...a baby that needs a family as much as we need her in our! Yeah!!! Can't tell you how long it will take...but no matter...she is coming and we will wait for her as long as it takes! The current prediction is next summer....and at that time we should have a photo to share with everyone and a real timeline for our travel to get her!

Now see...I am feeling more inspired just typing this blog! Heck...I was thinking in needed something exciting to blog about and maybe I just need to sit down and type!! :)

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Erica said...

I have said it once. I have said it a thousand times. This precious, blessed little girl you are waiting for is truly a miracle in every way. She may not have arrived yet, she may be here already, but regardless, she is going to know EVENTUALLY how much you have loved her even before she was yours. Claudia? Amelia? Hope? Anna? Whatever your name might be...I know the Mongold name will be your most important! It will be the name you treasure most. And, I can promise you this little one: The Zayacs will forever be your biggest fans!