Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's Will?

Where is Will? I must ask it 100 times a day? I ask my neighbors. I ask my husband. I ask Ben and Kyle...Heck...sometimes I just look at the dog and say "Cali...where's Will?" And why you may wonder do I ask this question so many times in a day? WELL....WILL IS ALWAYS MISSING!

I can turn around for 10 seconds and when I look back...Will is just not there? He is not even in view? He will go in people houses, crawl into cars, go into back yards...heck...he will even try to walk down the street to the main road on his way out of the neighborhood!

When I take him out of our street it is even worse! I can't find him in Target and I have lost him in Parks and at Festivals. The only place in this world that I can think of that I have not "misplaced" at the beach. Because at the beach...there is no where to hide and you can see for miles! You can't escape me there little man!

So I want to apologize to everyone that is with me on a daily basis. I am sorry that you have to hear me say "Where's Will" Every 10 minutes! Please know that it even annoys me....and I'm the one saying it!! :)
For whatever reason I have been able to keep track of Ben and Kyle very well over the last 5 years. I can't remember a time when they were two that I didn't know EXACTLY where they were! And since Will didn't even walk till he was 18 months old...this is all new to me? This crazy personality that will just go an explore anything with no fear of being out of site or away from the crowd!
The only thing I can say is that - I SWEAR I will get better at keeping tabs on him or I will invest in a lo-jack - one or the other!! You have my word!! WE love you Will!! Please don't leave us! My world needs you in it!!


Erica said...

Isn't that a book? Or is that Where's Waldo? Will, you were misnamed! We love looking for Will. It is somewhat of an adventure that happens way too often :) Hehe. Will, why do you not want to hang with us????

dandsratz said...

Renee, that is hilarious!!! That precious Will!! He's so completely worth looking for!!!