Friday, November 9, 2007

Boys will be boys!

The Mongold clan - minus Daddy - took a trip up to Wilmington Delaware last weekend to visit Nana, Grandpa, Uncle John, Aunt Sylvie and Amelia! We had such a great trip and I'll blog more about our trip and share tons of photos in the days to come.

Ben's most vivid memory of the trip is told by the photos that follow! And as the photographer and Mother of the little was so funny to me! I had to share!!

Uncle John and I took Ben in a hay maze and then followed this activity with the old "slingshot rotten apples at stuffed scarecrows" past time!!!

We started out in the hay maze and Ben was our fearless leader. He had a smile of confidence as we rounded the first bale of hay! He was taking us to the finish line with his keen sense of direction and his cunning instincts for survival! you guessed....this was our first DEAD END! Smile guys...I'm sure this will be the last one!

Well...Dead end number 22, at least, had a fun pile of hay to play in while we blew off our frustrations and regrouped for the rest of our journey!

IN the end....we did get out of the hay maze. And it had NOTHING to do with Ben's skills and everything to do with Uncle Johns height! At 6 foot 4 inches tall...Uncle John could look over the bails of hay and decide if we were heading the right direction!
As we exited the maze we see the coolest activity that Ben has ever seen. For a mere $5 we could purchase a bag of rotten apples! Yep...only 5 bucks!! And then we could put them in the handmade slingshots that were provided and hurl the wreckage into a field of stuffed scarecrows! I there anything more fun on this Uncle John purchases the ammunition!
He then explains to Ben exactly what we need to do to have fun! Put the apple in...pull back as far as you can and let it fly!
The whole way OVER THERE!!!

Ben puts in his first apple...let's it fly and it goes about 3 feet and drops! He looks at Uncle John like...THIS SUCKS!!

So Uncle John decides that he needs to add some weight to 40 pound Ben so that the apple flies farther! The following method of weight addition sent the apple flying a mere 10 feet! Still yards from its necessary destination!

Well, thought John...if I add our two weights together...I know we can cream one of those ugly scarecrows!!




Help...Uncle John is down... But who cares...I need to get up and watch that apple fly!!!

And that darn apple flew right down to the scarecrows! You would have thought Ben won the lottery! Thanks John for taking one for the team! Sorry for the dirty but!! :)
The duo used this method of lift "Ben" and pull...until the bag of apples was gone! And no launch was any less exciting than the one before it! Ben had a ball! (OH...and they only fell the first time!!!)
AT 5 years old...and at "over 30 years old"...the smiles were the same and the excitement equal! Boys will be boys! Thanks John for making your nephews weekend!!! :)

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