Thursday, November 1, 2007

A halloween to remember!

Halloween was and always is a grand affair on Larkspur Lane! There is truly nothing like it! It started out at 3pm with our kids already dressed up. WE had a chili feast at Erica's Halloween bash and then out to the streets to play and do our trick or treating.

So many different levels of trick or treat skill in my family this year! Ben wanted to hit every house that was humanly possible in the time allotted! Kyle walked like he had 7 years to complete the task and therefore was always 10 houses behind. And Will just wanted to stay in the house with the person who gave him the candy and eat WITH THEM!!! :) I felt like a crazy woman and was blessed with neighbors who helped me out at every turn! In the end...I can't remember the kids being more happy and having more fun! And they all will have such different memories of the night...but in common they will have perfect memories of a night that was just for them!!! :)

We all shared photo taking responsibilities, so here are mine and then check out Sue's blog for more!!

The Dynamic Duo dressed up at 3:15pm! Ready to go from then on out! Can you tell who is who?Mommy and Will were ready by 5pm

The house was very spooky with candle ghosts, spooky jack-o-lanterns and glowing spiderwebs!

Courtney joined us for our annual Halloween Bash

Bradley had two costumes this year. Candy Corn and next came the spider!

Logie was the best Pluto ever!

Get Dressed already Justice...we have only 2 hours left till trick or treat time!

Wills favorite friend in more ways than one! You are too cute Andrew! the Ratz family is armed with costumes and ready for fun!

And at the end of the night...we all went to bed very happy and full of sugar and great memories! Thanks to everyone for the perfect Halloween!

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dandsratz said...

You were the PERFECT witch!! We did have a GREAT time, didn't we!! Makes me love our neighborhood, with no doubt!!