Monday, December 17, 2007

6 and a half years is too long!!!

Steve and I had a wonderful honeymoon to Mexico after our fairy tale wedding in 2001! It was a memory that we talk about all the time. Some days it feels like it was only yesterday that we were drinking "foo foo" drinks by the blue lagoon, and other times it feels like a lifetime away! None the less...we are happy and in love and we are always so excited about our life together and all that is wrapped up in it!! :)

When we found out that we would be apart for nearly 6 months in 2008, we both knew that it was time to have a little "us" time before the craziness began! We planned a weekend getaway to Wintergreen Virginia. A ski resort in the Appalachian mountains, just 4 hours from home.

Mom and dad said that they would keep tabs on the kids for the weekend and my brother offered to help them along. Three kids...three reason not to get the heck out of here and do some skiing and fun seeking away from home!

I was nervous to leave my kids and to be away from home, but I knew in my heart of hearts that all would be OK and that this time with Steve could only be a great thing! So off we headed on Friday night! And what a fabulous weekend it was! We went skiing in a virtual blizzard with about zero visibility and lots of ice! And somehow had the best time ever! I have not been skiing for over 10 years and Steve has only been skiing a few times in his life? What were we thinking?

We fell - MANY times - and we came home quite sore! But it was exciting and relaxing and fun and silly and just everything that would could have ever wanted it to be! The snow was beautiful, and we really are better skiers than we thought we would be! The food was nice and our little cottage on the mountain with a fireplace and wooded view was prefect!

Breakfast every morning at a lodge overlooking the slopes and dinner in Fancy golf course front restaurant! Coffee by the fire in the lodge and many great laughs as we watched each other pretend we were 20 again - zooming down the snow covered slopes - only to end up in a ball of white...rolling over ourselves and losing our skis as we hit the bottom! ha ha ha....oh too funny! Sorry I don't have any photos of that mess to share...your imagination will have to do here!!

Now I am hooked and we plan to take the kids back up there right after the first of the year to give them a turn at the fun that we had!! I hope they enjoy it half as much as we did!!

Thanks mom and dad and Brian for making it all possible! And thank you Erica for the wonderful bottle of wine!! It was a great trip!

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Erica said...

Oh I am so glad your weekend was great! I am sure the time just being you and Steve and not mommy and daddy was refreshing and much needed. Of course, coming home to the mommy and daddiness was most certainly fun, too. Anyway, this sounds like a first grader wrote it, so I will stop. Just glad you had a nice trip and are home now :)