Monday, December 3, 2007

A bad day for Will...

So I am standing out in front of the house talking to Erica. All of our 5 boys and a few others from the neighborhood were playing so well in the Mongold Back yard. Fence was shut, but I could hear their screams of glee coming from that general direction and I could tell they were getting along famously and having a super afternoon!

At least 30 min had gone by that I had not heard anything but fun coming from our back yard. And all of a sudden I hear a small voice on the front porch go ...."Mom" soft and so "guilty" was the tone of Ben's voice as he stood in the doorway with his thumb in his mouth. I said "What up Ben...are you OK?" And he said "Yeah....but Will has black and brown all over his face." I immediately ask the question that defines the moment and gives me my inspiration to either run or walk to see what the problem is...."Is Will crying?" And in an even more timid voice Ben says, "Nope...he didn't cry...he is just dirty."

Well...that does not seem like a reason to stop my chatter in mid conversation so I tell Ben thank you for informing me of the dirt and I continue my conversation with Erica. Maybe another minute passed and we hear the squeak of my front door yet again....we both look over that direction....and this is what we saw!

YEah...whatever you are thinking....we thought it too! Did he play Santa and climb down the Chimney? Did he decide to be a little piggy and roll in some mud? What could have possibly happened to make a small two year old child look like this??????

And that is when I called for Ben to tell us the story as he watched it happen. He said:

"Well...Will was on his tummy on the swing pushing it with his legs. Benjamin and Kyle were on the teeter totter going very high right beside Will. I was using my sword to stop the teeter totter and it started swinging sideways - not straight anymore. well the teeter totter knocked Will off the swing and his face fell in the ground. But Will's feet were stuck in the swing and he couldn't get them out. Every time he tried to get his feet out his face was moving all over the ground and that is where the black and brown came from."

Oh Dear....Erica and I tried so hard not to pee ourselves laughing! I mean really...can you not picture this two year old little man...with his hips stuck in the saddle of the swing and his face in the mud....stuck like there was glue attaching him to it. Flopping around just hoping that this thrust was the one that would let his legs fall to the ground where the rest of him waited! And yet he smile when I said...Will...are you dirty! He laughed at us laughing... and after a mere wipe of the face with a baby wipe...he headed back to the swings to try it all again! I wish I were as easy going as Will!! :)


Erica said...

OK so I am ready to pee on myself again. Reliving that moment is almost as funny as seeing Colin and Brad blindfolded amidst 100 mouse traps singing opera about a plumbing issue :) Anyway, Will, you are so unbelievably funny! We love you so much. And, honestly, your description was right on and so vivid...but it will never be as funny as it truly was in the moment. If you think you laughed reading Renee's description, trust me we laughed harder seeing it happen!

Dianne said...

The story is so funny in itself, but the pictures are priceless. He doesn't even seem to know how dirty he is! It's a perfect mask!