Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ben you rock!!!!

Kyle and Will and mommy attended Ben's Christmas party and singing presentation this morning. And what a fantastic morning is was! Again...mommy forgot her camera! But suffice it to say that it was a huge success! Ben greeted his brothers and introduced them to everyone that would listen....and my Ben...yep...MY BEN....stood in front of 45 people and sang his songs and swayed (some danced...but least he moved around a bit) and he smiled and participated and just did an awesome job! Most importantly...Ben enjoyed being a part of his presentation and was as proud of himself as we were of him!

You have come a long way Ben. From that little man that cried and held onto my leg when I took you to school for the first time three years the perfect student today in your kindergarten class. I am one proud mommy today and every day! Thanks Ben for growing up to be such a perfect little man! This little slide show is for you! We love you sweet boy!

Click to play Ben+rocks
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dandsratz said...

Renee--that is the CUTEST Blog EVER!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture slide show!!! That sweet Ben--I'm so proud of him too!!! He is most certainly the most remarkable little boy!!!

Erica said...

Ben, I know that took all you had...and I am so very proud of you. You always step up when it counts, and that is an admirable trait. Yout put your fears to the side and tread on for the greater good. GREAT JOB BEN!

Erica said...

One more thing...Ben, your mouth has been open from the very beginning :) We love you