Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Holiday Fun with our Special Friends

5 Years ago we met! And have shared everything about our lives with each other through the years! We were able to celebrate a holiday party with our playgroup friends last Friday night. We are missing photos of Katie and Lucas and Kyle...they were upstairs doing their own thing for a majority of the night!! Trouble i am sure...but they hid their antics well! Everyone ate drank and had merry conversation! We were missing two of our very favorite families on this special night and we missed you all terribly!

Thank you all for sharing your evening with us! All of our love this holiday season to each of you!


dandsratz said...

Don't you just seriously LOVE nights like these--HOW FUN!! Everyone looks SO happy in these pictures!! I love the picture with ya'll at the table just laughing & chatting--these are the best parts of life...just kicking back with the best of friends and enjoying it all together!! And look how all of the precious kids love Steve...he just has it in him doesn't he!! Every time he's out, Alexander screams, "Let's go say hey to Steve!!" :) So glad that ya'll had such a great night with your friends!! Its a happy Holiday, for sure! :)

Erica said...

Thank you for letting us crash your holiday party. And, especially, for making some of that hideously horrible snack mix for us to take home! can I thank you??? LOVE YOU LOTS!

LoveBKW said... don't like Cheetos, rollos, marshmellows and MM's?!?! Aghhh.....oh....and peanut butter filled pretzels? How gross...who's idea was this anyway?!?!?!

Natalie said...

It was a great time!! Thanks Renee!! You have a VERY fun and easy going family!!! I do have to admit that the crazy snack didn't last past a day or two! The cheetos and peanut butter pretzels with the candy was just too much for me!! And my kids were the ones who brought the cheetos and pretzels!! I don't even like to touch cheetos!! Yikes!!