Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A measure of Strength...

I was in the kitchen the other day and I was doing 10 different things at one time as all mom's do and Ben yells to me from the living room: "Mom...can you HELP me get my car from way back under the couch...I can't reach it!".....So I yell back...."Sure I'll HELP YOU....grab the broom and use the handle to whack it out from under the couch!"

As he walked to the broom closet slowly and quietly, he looked at me with a strange look and said, "But you said you would HELP ME?" And with as much conviction as I could muster, hidden behind my want to smile...I said, "I did HELP YOU...I told you what you needed to use to get it so you could do it by yourself."

Ben smirked and got the broom. He was able to get his car, and he cheered at his victory as it flew out into the middle of the room when smacked with the broom.

Ben, I helped you. You saw your task as impossible. You saw that train as a loss unless mommy came to the rescue. And I taught you that there was a way to get that train on your own. I taught you that you have the means to do things on your own as long as your brain is armed with the right thought process. I HELPED you to find a small glimmer of independence and I HELPED you to think outside the box, beyond what was obvious to you!

I heard a story on a show the other night that went like this:

A little boy needed to move a large rock from the top of a well so that he could get to the water below for a drink. He tried to push it and he tried to pull it...he tried to pick it up and was unsuccessful at every turn.

He called to his mother - Mommy, I can't move the rock! And she called back - Yes you can honey, God Gave you the strength to move that rock!

So the little boy tried again and again and with sweat on his brown and a very dry mouth...he looked hopeless. He called to his mother again....Mommy...will you help me move this rock?

And the mother, knowing that the rock was too big for her small son to move...walked over to the rock and with the help of her son's little hands...helped him to move it to the ground so that he could have a drink.

The little boy looked at his mother with a disappointed spirit and said, "I wish I could have moved that rock by myself...I am sorry that you had to help me. And his mother said...you did move the rock by yourself. You used the strength God gave you to move the rock - you called me!

My point is this....this holiday season my heart is very focused on how lucky I am to have such important people in my life. Friends and family to give me strength and friends and family that I can give my strength to when needed!

In this world...we don't ever need to be alone. God gave us the power of many when he gave us friends and family. And that does not mean the power to do everything ourselves. Asking for help is just one powerful way to use God's blessings. And lending our strength and mind to our loved ones when it is needed is the gift that we have to share!

In Ben's case, using my mind to help him find a feeling of victory was the best course... and for this wonderful mother in the story - using her strength of body was just what her son needed. No matter how you use this gift...using it can make the difference in someones life!

Thank you to all of my friends and family for making me whole and for being the strength I need when my own body and mind are not enough! Thank you for being my life! And please call on me to be your strength at any time...day or night! I am always here for you!


Erica said...

Renee, this is my favorite blog of yours (well, maybe Will's dirt face is...but this is a close second!) Anyway, I appreciate what you are saying so much. There is something so very special about giving of yourself...and you should know this better than anyone, because all you do is give. I remember my sister blogging about friends and saying she usually gave at least equally in a friendship,but she had one friend who she always felt gave so much more than her. You are definately that friend. Everytime I turn around you are helping me do something or listening to me. Thank you for being so very real, and not the least bit "simple" You are a treasure.

LoveBKW said...

Its funny that you say that about me doing so much for you because I feel like you are the one always doing stuff for me! ha ha ha....you have no husband home...yet you are out getting me santa presents and keeping Will at your house to play or playing with the boys etc. etc.! You are that person who is just a "giver" in your being. It is who you are and it is one of the wonderful things that make you so special! I thank YOU for all that you do for us and I guess we need to chalk it up to FAMILY! That is what we are and the word "Help" just seems to go out the window with family! You just do! And you love doing whatever you can to make your family smile or to make their day a little easier!