Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Year you'll make it through Will....

Will Christmas program at school began at 10am last Wednesday morning. The room was full of parents. The side door opened and all the kids filed in and stood in front of the room looking slightly nervous, but excited. Well...all but Will....HE LOOKED SCARED TO DEATH!

Soon after this photos was taken, the teacher handed all the two year olds a little baby doll wrapped in swaddling clothing. The began to sing happy birthday to Jesus. Some kids sang...some just kind of rocked back and forth...and WILL JUST STOOD LIKE HIS FEET WERE PLANTED IN CEMENT...with a look of UTTER FEAR ON HIS FACE!When the song was over...Will took his doll baby...threw it across the room..burst into tears...and ran to my lap!! :) He made it through one song...and I could not ask for more!

He got is treat bag at the end and called it a victory!! Next year your make it though Will and as for this year..thank you for making us all smile and for being such a special little "YOU"!!!


dandsratz said...

That is SOOO sweet!!! That precious little Will...what a sweetheart!!! I LOVE seeing the love that he has for his mommy---he melts my heart!

Erica said...

Oh made it through one song. THAT IS HUGE! Next year, you will be the lead soloist. And if you want to throw your baby doll again, then well, that is ok, too! LOVE YOU!