Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Bet Picasso Never Did this?!

It has been said that third children raise themselves! Will proved that this just may be true! Will told me today, as I went to change his very FULL diaper...NO DIAPER MOMMY....My Will PEE IN THE POTTY!

Of course I tried to convince him that a diaper would be OK and that he was 2 and there was no need to pee in the potty just yet. But, as anyone who knows Will can attest...he does it HIS WAY OR NO WAY! So after fighting me for 20 min on the diaper issue...I just said fine...tell mommy when you have to go potty OK? And he said "OK MOMMY!" And in about 2 min...he said..."OH NO...PEE IS COMIN' MOMMY!"

So I ran to the closet by the downstairs bathroom...just hoping to find the little potty seat that we used for BEN about 3 years ago! And sure was there. (side note is a good thing I never organize...or I may have put it where it belonged and then I would have never found it in a crisis!! )(Side note 2...yeah...I didn't forget about Kyle..his bum bum was too big for this "little" seat so he went right to the real deal!)

So, Will looked at the little blue and white seat and said "Dats my Wills potty mommy?" and I said...yep...sit down and go. And sure enough that little monster sat down and peed. he finished...he promptly put the little blue lid down...announced that "Pee came out"....and he picked up the potty and handed it to me! (Yeah...a little spilled out so we had to talk about not picking it up while full!!)

Now that he knew what to do...he was hell bent on doing it every each time he moved from room to room...he would carry the potty with him and sit on it. He sat on it to watch TV and then when he decided to paint at his easel...he decided to sit on it then. Can't be too careful in your first day right?!?!

So thank you Erica for running over with your camera to capture this "first time" event. (Steve had ours in North Carolina) and in the word of Erica "Picasso never did this!!"

Too funny! Will...I am sooooooooooooooo showing this photo to the very first girl you bring home! Thanks for making our day little guy!

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Erica said...

Oh I am so glad I could capture this for you! Memorable for sure. Will is certainly a boy of his own unfortunately, for you, if he wants to "train" now, I think you are just going to have to give in! Way to go little peeing are way beyond your time in so many ways! And, I love you, even though you won't let me touch your goldfish!!!