Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh what beautiful Chidren I have! lucky am I...8 hours in the car with my four favorite people...I look back into the "finally" silent minivan...and this is what I saw! Thank Goodness I had a camera! Truly gross....two kids drooling all over and other and the third with his finger so far up his nose that he may be touching his eyeball....and yet I had never felt so in love! Oh how weird it is to be a parent! ha ha ha...and I will be looking forward to sharing this photo with three very nice girlfriends one day! ha ha ha

Sue...I knew this would make you laugh the hardest! ha ha ha


dandsratz said...

Renee--you are right, this is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! And I totally agree--SO COMPLETELY gross, and yet, the most loving site that you get to cherish!! There is NOTHING like the love that our little men have....thus the reason I look at you and think "3 Boys...HOW PERFECT!" I was just with a friend this morning and she said "Sue, I would pay a million dollars to have a little boy's love!" We are SOO blessed by these little men that make us SO COMLETELY happy--the fingers in the noses, the poots in the bathtub, the "wet floor" beside the potty", its all hilarious and perfect, and completely gross, too! :) And some of the most entertaining moments that we'll ever have!!! :) Renee, I swear, you make each moment the happiest--thus the reason I love you!! :) What a great laugh this afternoon! Frame worthy, you think?? :)

LoveBKW said...

This is one of those photos that you have to go to a pottery shop and create just the right frame for the occasion! ha ha ha....Oh the thoughts I have on how to decroate it! ha ha ha!!! Oh too funny!! And throught it all...we are lucky lucky women!! :) And I can say that having just mopped the bathroom floor after a half miss! ha ha ha!! Have a great weekend!

Erica said...

Beautiful is not sufficient to describe those Mongold finger up the nose, drooling on each other, boys. I love them so much...I cannot imagine how full your heart is!!!