Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make a sentence out of these Kindergarten "site" words?!

Each month Ben brings home from school - a list of words. They are new each month and usualy amount to about 6 or 7 of them. They are called site words. His job is to make flash cards and learn these words inside and out. How to spell them, how to read them, when to use them etc. etc. The purpose: If you know these words without even thinking...then reading will go much quicker. Souding out EVERY SINGLE WORD can take an eternity!! As I am sure that everyone who has had a Kindergartner would tell you! So we value the purpose of our site words and we learn them very well!!

Now each week that the site words come home in Ben's back pack...one of the assignments that week will be to make 3 sentences using some or all of the site words. That assignment is not until THursday night....but daddy was thinking ahead last night while we were making our flash cards at the kitchen table...and came up with a sentence that I think we will all find promising. I mean...this sentence uses every single site word...and needs no other words to finish it? What kindergartner would not get praised for a sentence that is SO VERY on the mark!

Here are the site words: In, But, He, Fun and Like

And STeve's sentence is.........................


OH...I am so sorry that have put this on my blog, but the two of us laughed so hard that we cried! (and we certainly did not share with Ben...although he wondered why we were laying on the floor laughing) And hey...we didn't come up with the words? HOpe no one is offended and that you found this at least sort of funny!! I an sad to admit that is made our week!! :)


dandsratz said...

OH MY WORD Renee!!! This is HILARIOUS!!!!!! You & Steve are SOO much fun together, and I can just see the two of you sitting at the table laughing your heads off together!! WAY TO GO STEVE!!! :)

P.S. Oh, by the WAY Renee--you are TOTALLY in the DOGHOUSE!!! Steve came over here this weekend, and said, "So, Sue, what do you think of my shirt!?!" He had on one of his Jerseys!!! he he he!! :)

Erica said...

I am way too dignified to comment on a blog such as this :) But, fortunately for you, and unfortunately for the rest of your "readers" you told me in person and you saw how I giggled! Steve is one funny guy...and a nice one, too :) hehe That is our little joke. Now tell him to get over here and unload my garage!!!

LoveBKW said...

Sue...he had to know that you found him....hmmmm....how should I say it....Less than first class in is $200.00 UGLY UGLY shirt! ha ha ha...I hate those darn jersys too! ha ha ha

And Erica...my dirty minded nice guy husband is at your beck and call! ha ha ha ha!! Nice guys always finish last don't they! ha ha ha