Thursday, February 14, 2008

Updates on the Mongold Home Front

Well...I have not had too much out of the ordinary happen in the last couple of weeks. And In many ways that is a good thing!! :) No funny stories that I was inspired to write...but everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying Valentines Day together! Daddy Mongold (as Will calls him) is at sea with one of his boats, but is due back this week.

Steve gets in on Friday and then will turn around and fly to Florida on Saturday morning to meet with a real estate agent to find us a home to move into! The movers come to our house here in Chesapeake on June the 14th and three weeks later they will deliver our things to our new home! Hope we have one...but since the option is a card board box...I think we will have to find something that will suit! I'll send photos of the new place once we lock one in!

As for our wonderful house here on Larkspur Lane?! We have found a nice family that needs a plae to live for a couple of years while their daddy works in Suffolk! Perfect match for us and I know they will enjoy their time here! I know we sure have and we can't wait to get back!

Steve's time in Florida is about two and a half years and then we will make our treck to a new location. We, of course, want it to be back here in Chesapeake, but chances are that we will spend a couple of years in DC before we can finally get home to our friends and family!

It is started to really hit me that we have to move and there are all kind of emotions mixed up in that! I am excited for a little adventure, but knowing that my friends and family will be 10 hours away (and some much much further!!)....well...I know I am really going to feel the impact of it all after the initial few months has passed and we get into a normal routine. Good to know that it is not forever- that helps! And also wonderful to know that my friends are my family and they are with me no matter what state I live in. I am so lucky that way and know how blessed I am to have this stability and love in my life!

Ben just wants it to be warm! Kyle just wants to be able to have a YMCA! And Will....well...he just wants his mommy and I can promise him that!! :) Can't get rid of me!

Here are a few photos of the area that we are moving too! More as we get them! The area is Called Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island. It is a small community on the water and seems to have a very small town appeal to it! There is a ton of water with the ocean and the rivers that come together in this area. It used to be an old fishing town and port and has certain areas with a very historic beauty. Many parks and activities as well. Looks like a vacation - too bad Daddy has to work!! Everyone I have talked to so far has been super nice and seem very open to new people! The kids all have a school to attend and our adoption will come to fruition during our time in Florida. So we are planning our house for 4 kids! Wow...that seems like we will most certainly need 5000 square feet right! ha ah ah!

Happy Valentines Day to you all! We love you and will keep you posted as we get new details!


dandsratz said...

HOW COMPLETELY exciting!!! This place in Florida/GA sounds like SOOO much fun!!! And you know, you're right--the BEST part is--the true loves of your life will be right there with you, experiencing all of the new adventures you will discover along the way!! If I had to move anywhere--Florida sounds just as close to heaven as you can get!! :)

Erica said...

That means my movers are coming June 13! I promise to not watch you pull out of here. That is my word. If I must leave my friends, I will do it first :)