Monday, February 25, 2008

Yeah...that makes Sense?!

This morning - as I sat at my computer e-mailing away... I heard the familiar rise in voices...the escalation of screams and "no's" and wines...that were about to end in an "all out" brawl between Kyle and Will. The kind that you KNOW for certain is NOT going to fix you sit and listen and wait...for the moment that you HAVE to step in before someone ends up with a black eye...What I heard went something like this:

Kyle: Will...Diego isn't real!
Will: Is too Kyle!

Kyle: No he isn't real! (a bit louder this time)
Will: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES....HE IS! (really loud and with conviction!)

Kyle: Diego isn't real because On Diego animals talk and they don't talk in real life!

Will: ANIMALS DO TALK TYLE ("Tyle" is kyle is the language of Will...and this time...he is in tears and speaking very was very sad!)

Kyle: Nope...they don't! (with a snotty tone in his voice that made even me want to knock him flat!)

Will: MOMMY.....TYLE IS BEING MEAN!! (full on crying now)

Kyle: Mommy...Will is hitting me!! (screaming like a crazy man and crying...and RUNNING)

So I decide this is the point where i need to get up and see what i can do to help the situation! I pick up Will in order to hold him back from swinging at his brother and I say to Kyle "Honey...Animals talk...Santa's reindeer talk right?" And he says...with tears on his face and with the most serious voice ever.

"No animals talk mom...Santa's Reindeer don't talk ...they only fly!"

Yeah...that was my morning...and this is my life! :) Here's wishing you all a day filled with sense!


Erica said...

Kyle, you little stinker! The babies always have it hard, don't they??? They have big brothers who insist they KNOW MORE can DO MORE and be better at it then them. Will, your day is coming.

dandsratz said...

That is the most hilarious & sweet story Renee!! Okay, so you KNOW I'm always partial to that "can do NO wrong, Kyle!" How precious is that that he says they can't talk, but they can fly!! Oh how those sweet boys warm my heart!!! Priceless-absolutely priceless!!! Okay-and it makes me want one more baby BOY!!!!!