Sunday, March 30, 2008

Proof that life just keeps getting better and better

In January, the Mongolds traveled to Pennsylvania to see Grandma and Pop Pop and the aunts and uncles! No snow was predicted for that particular week. Having lived in PA for most of my childhood...there was one thing that I remembered. No matter if the weather man said snow or "no" usually snowed! So despite the predictions, I packed up the boots and gloves and hats etc. etc. And sure enough - the day before we were slated to come back home - YEP - SNOW! My kids thought it was the best day ever! Kyle ran around with his snowball telling everyone that it was the BEST SNOWBALL EVER! Here is a photo reminder of that moment:

Well once again - we made the 10 hour drive back up to PA over spring break (and I'll blog all about that later) and ...once forecast for snow. But I packed our gear... and it came! I think my parents are wanting me to leave my "gear" at home from now on...seems to be the key to a winter wonderland. And believe March...they are SICK of the winter wonderland!

But...not us! We went to bed on Thursday night and it was cold and there was no snow in the forecast. When Will woke up in the morning...he ran to my room screaming...mommy - it's Christmas....there snowballs EVERYWHERE! And sure enough...I ran to the window and it was more than we could have asked for. 8 inches of beautiful white snow! In the trees, on the cars....could not even see the road!

Well as you can crew was dressed and ready to go! The sled had been left out by the garage - outside - from our January trip and so luckily...I remembered the general whereabouts of it and started digging! It's ORANGE...we found it!

For hours we all played. It was so deep that Will had trouble walking! Here are a few photos of the fun:

But the best moment of all was when Dear Kyle realized that life just keeps getting better and better. January might have had the "best" snowballs ever...(in the word of Kyle as he carried them around for an hour, proclaiming that he had for certain made the very best snowball that had ever existed). This time....he grabbed what truly could be the largest snowball that it would have been possible for Kyle to carry....and with the biggest smile I have ever seen, said, "Mom...This snowball is the biggest ever...even better than last time...Mom (long pause), SNOW ROCKS!"

See Kyle...just when you think life can't get any better...a bigger and better snowball comes along! Amazing how life is not that much different at 4 than it is at 37. Just a bit more simple!! Happy Spring everyone! And for my parents....I do hope that was the last winter wonderland you have to see this year! But thank you for loving it one last time!! :)


Erica said...

If I ignore the fact that Kyle looks about 8 in the picture of him throwing a snowball, I LOVE THE PICTURES! What fun to have that kind of REAL snow to play in...and even better to come back to 75 degrees when you return! I better not see that snow gear out anywhere around here, Mongolds! Adorable pictures and Kyle, snowballs may rock, but you ROCK EVEN MORE!

dandsratz said...

OH MY WORD!!! I cannot believe ya'll got the snow that the boys SOOO badly wanted this year!!! HOW AWESOME!!! It makes me smile SOO big knowing that the PRECIOUS Mongold babies got to romp in play in the perfectly heavenly white stuff this year!! These pictures are absolutely incredible!! What a PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT spring break!!!!