Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thanks Tiny!

Ben came home on Friday afternoon with a big blue bag. Not our own blue bag? Inside...was "Tiny". A stuffed Gorilla. It was our job to show tiny around "our lives" and then document it for school on Monday morning. Big deal....Ben was adamant that Tiny had to go cool places!

And so it was.....Two people with throwing up....two others with runny noses and coughs...and a daddy who worked late most every day this week ....showing Tiny the time of his life! And in the end...I want to thank Tiny for forcing this sick family to get the couch...suck it up...and live a little this weekend! And this is the letter that Tiny wrote to Ben's Class at school!

Wow – what a cool weekend I had with Ben M. We got off the bus at Ben’s house and he immediately showed me his room. We got to play with his hermit crabs (Max – T and Crabby) and we let them walk all over the table!

When Ben’s brother Will got up from his nap, we all played Geo Tracks together! They were such good sharers and I got to be the fastest car!

Later that night, I watched a movie with all three Mongold boys, Mom and Dad, and their good friend Kevin who lives up the street. I had already seen Shrek The third at Miss. Baggett’s house, but I didn’t tell anyone! It was good the second time around too.

Ben and Kyle and Daddy Mongold took me to T-ball practice on Saturday. I stayed in the car because the field was muddy and they didn’t want to have to give me a bath! I watched them practice from the Jeep – they had fun! Wish I could have joined them, but I understand how dangerous a muddy field can be for a stuffed animal like me!

On Sunday, the Mongold Family took a trip to the Norfolk Naval Base to show me all the sights.

Ben’s daddy is an engineer on a Fast Attack Submarine - we got to go down the hatch and see everything on board! torpedo tubes, periscopes, and all kind of other neat stuff. I may want to be a Nuclear Engineer when I grow up. Ben thinks he may want to be that too!

While at the naval base I got to ride on a freight loader, see other huge ships, and play on the docks with Ben and Kyle. They were good friends to me!

On the way home we stopped off at the mall to buy a lawnmower!
The play area was cool and we met some nice friends. And they got me my own Happy Meal! I love chicken nuggets even more than bananas! Who would have thunk it?!?!

…One last stop at the post office. Ben teased me and said he was going to mail me back to the jungle….crazy kid! I knew he was only kidding!

We were sure beat by the time we got back to Ben’s house. After a Taco dinner and some quiet TV time we read a book together and drifted off to sleep. Ben said he is really going to miss me when I go. Ben’s mom is on a mission to adopt another Tiny just like me so that Ben won’t be so sad!! J

I had a fun weekend with the Mongolds and can’t wait to meet my next family!!


dandsratz said...

Renee-the picture of Tiny and the mailbox is HILARIOUS!!! HOW FUN!!! I'm laughing my head off because today when I picked Alexander up from school, he brought home "Rowdy" and was all excited about showing the stuffed anmimal around for the weekend. I'm SOOO glad that I read your blog-and "got" the concept!!!! I HAVE to admit, when he touched the Bear, I crindged...and thought "Groos!!! How many other nasty homes has this thing been it!" he he!! Thank you for sharing me the "Right & happy" way to look at this project!! he he! Love you! I hope ya'll are feeling better--spring is here, and NO MORE SICKNESS!! Or I'm packing my bags and moving w/ Erica where it warm!

Erica said...

I am sure Tiny had more fun with the Mongolds than he has ever known! I am hurt Tiny didn't want to come visit the Zayacs...but I will get over it :)

Love ya!

LoveBKW said...

The Zayacs were being protected by the Mongold flu!! :) ha ha ha ha!!! I even washed him before I sent him back to school with Ben! hee hee...that's all you needed - another night of puking becuase of a stuffed MOnkey! ha ha that would be a blog!!! :) ha ha ha