Thursday, April 3, 2008

I want to be like Horton!

Over spring break - like many of us - I took my kids to see "Horton Hears a Who!". What a great movie. I know the reviews were not that great, but truly - a great movie - I don't care what people say! I mean...."People are people no matter how small...."? That lesson could be sent to me in a can of peas and I would still find it inspiring and want my kids to see it!

Ben loved it...and Kyle fell asleep half way though, but will still tell you it was the best movie EVER! He must have gotten enough to love it in between the snores!!

But me...well...all I see are kid movies anymore and I kind of just tune them out, enjoy the quiet, and eat popcorn. I'm not always a huge fan of the kiddie stuff, but my love of my kids smiles and laughter when they are in a movie theater is worth so much to me that I'll sit through a hundred movies...just to have that moment where they cheer when the Bee changes the world or where they yell for Lightning McQueen to win the race! All worth it!

Horton was a different kind of movie in my world. I actually got sucked in to this one. I didn't want to...I actually was hoping to take a nap...I was exhausted from our trip...but none the less...I found myself cheering for Horton ( my head of kids did not get a reverse moment...that could have scarred them for life!).

I came away from this moving with a bit of a different message. While I did fully understand that people are people no matter how small and am very inspired by that message - I think that Horton, not the small people, stole this show! An Elephant that believed in that speck. An Elephant that no matter the ridicule, or the danger, or the tedious work of going through millions of flowers to find his speck...he kept on fighting for his cause. Would Horton's life have ended, or been bad if he had given up? Not Really. But his purpose was to save the darn who's and he never lost sight! He wasn't the smartest animal in the jungle, but...he had heart. And that is what it took to make a huge difference!

So I have been feeling like Horton is my hero. And I told my neighbor that I wished I had a stuffed Animal Horton. I can't believe I said that out loud. I mean...I did want one...but I don't know that I needed for another Adult to know this about me. Some things are better left unsaid right?!!? Well...not this time. Erica heard my cry for Horton...and upon her return from Target yesterday....THERE HE WAS! My very own Horton the Elephant! My month has been made!!

So where is Horton? He is sitting on top of my computer looking at me right now. Yep....true story. I am 37 years old and I have a stuffed Elephant on my computer?

But he will help me to remember... when I think I am at my wits end with this move....that my kids need me to be strong and to not give up until I have found the best life for them in Florida.

And most of all when the adoption hurdles come flying my way (and they will) - Horton will remind me of how I can't give up on this little girl and no matter how hard the road gets...I will keep on trying. Because...would my life go on without our daughter? Sure....but not the life I long for...and not the life she longs giving up is not an option! Not today...and not ever! I have too much heart to give up on this just because it is hard, or just because of peoples ridicule etc. etc. Thank you Erica for giving me Horton! He matters!!:)


Erica said...

And that is EXACTLY why I gave you Horton! NOT REALLY...but I wanted you to have him and I completely understand what you are saying. I loved Horton, too...and you know if he reminds you that all this waiting and fighting and disappointment get you inch by inch closer to your complete family, then HORTON WE ALL NEED YOU! Renee, you are a gift. I am glad you are comfortable enough to say those silly things out loud. Of course, we do Zumba together, what more humiliation do we need??? LOVE YOU!

dandsratz said...

HOLY COW!! I HAVE to go see the movie now!!! What an awesome blog, Renee!! And exactly why we all love you so--you tell your heart, truly the way it is!! And what a pricless heart you have, for sure!! I WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES!!! :)