Friday, April 11, 2008

Life is too short to sweat what might have been!

It has come to my attention lately that the difference in "decision making" between children and adults could be the ultimate difference between childhood and adulthood. Both kids and adults brush their teeth, struggle with lazy days, debate putting off the things we don't' like in order to do the things we do like. Adults and children alike work to be better in the areas where we lack skill or knowledge and we strive to be stronger and more capable with each passing day. Similar lives we share...

Yeah...the kids issues...we have been there and done that, so they may not seem as tough to us as adults. I mean...I know how to catch a fly ball and Ben is working day and night to be the perfect baseball catcher. But I get on that tread mill every morning and have a race with myself to see if I can win another chapter in my running career. Similar.

So the big difference that I see is - decision making. In the much more simple lives of our children, they have to make decisions every day. Should I share this toy? Should I tell my mom I am going outside? Should I hit my brother? Should I take a nap? Should I eat my vegetables? Should I participate in school?

IN the end...each of those decisions has a common denominator. Right - or wrong. Children may struggle to make the right decision as opposed to the wrong...but in the core of it all - most all of their decisions have a right or a wrong answer.

Now let's jump ahead 30 years? Yeah...we are not so lucky! If an adult is faced with a least the adults I know...and the answer is as simple as choosing right or wrong...then it is not a choice. WE just do the right thing without questioning it. We have been taught by life, our parents, and whatever other just naturally gravitate to the "right" decision. I think we do it without even passing the question through our brain.

The decisions we struggle with are the ones that have more than one outcome - and all choices have a right and a wrong element - or an unknown end result that can't be seen when the decision is being made. Path one and path two (or three and four depending on the array of possibilities we are confronted with). Each path has a different end point. Each path has different twists and turns. Each path has positives and negatives and each path presents different possibilities for both good and bad circumstances for those that we love!

We sit and we weigh the ins and outs...and after a whole day of mulling it over - we are no closer to the "right" answer than we were when we started our little journey to the truth?

But the deadlines exist - like a "bad guy" chasing us down....we have to make the "final answer" and we have to do it NOW! We love our families, and all of the people that our decision will affect, but the burden is ours and we have to just "go for it". Using only what we can know, and accepting that the end result is not for us to see at this time. WE keep in mind that we are good people and that we have a loving heart when we make the commitment to our path. And we just say - "here it is!" Here is what I will do, and I am willing to accept all that comes with this decision...and I am doing it with a full heart!

So to all of my friends and family that find themselves in what seems an impossible situation....faced with a decisions that just has no perfect answer...remember this: You are good people at your core. You are not alone in your feelings. The "perfect" answer may not exist. Go with your heart. Commit to your decision. Have faith that you are being guided. And know that if you are in need of help in any way - your friends and family are there for you! Because those that love you - KNOW that you are where you are because you believed it to be the right place when you started your journey!

In the end...the thought that keeps coming back to me as I muttle through this crazy world just like the rest of you: "My life is super, and that means I am chosen wisely many times over to get here - mistakes have been made - YES...but I will have a little more faith in myself and put away the doubt! Life is too short to sweat what might have been!"

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