Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"My Own Wills Bed" is true...My Will has outgrown his crib/bed and we had to move on to a bigger version for our very tall "little" man! Two nights ago was our first night in a Big Boy Bed! I bought a nice used bed from Craigs list - and after hours of taking down the old crib, putting together then new bed and finding just the right bedding....little Will had a whole new place to call his own!

That first night he "asked me" to go to bed. And yesterday when I mentioned a nap...he threw his arms in the air and said "YEAH...MY OWN BED"... And again last night - going to bed was welcomed! He even said " fit in my bed now...want to sleep with me?" Too cute!! :) As I lay beside him sharing the pillow - he pressed his nose to mine and just giggled! So fun to grow up and reach that next step! I remember it well....there will be rough growing pains as well for my boys...but when you finally reach a new milestone...the world seems to open up to you.

The first lost tooth, the first time you ride a bike with no training wheels, the first time you read on your own and the first time you can write your own name......the list will go on and on and on...and includes - most definitely - the first night in a big boy bed! I can't wait to be there for every single moment! Except of course the day the drive their "own CAR" and I think I take a vacation that day!


dandsratz said...

That little man is SOOOO absolutely adorable in his new big boy bed!! GO WILL!!!!!

Erica said...

Oh Will, save room for Radley...he will be wanting a sleepover soon :) What a big man you are. Thanks for being such a "big" friend to my little boy!