Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our first game! Kyle's best show!

We had our first t-ball game this past week and it was such a blast! The kids really enjoyed it! Ben was so aggressive and played very hard. Amazing really to see his evolution from the kid who cried on the bench last August, to the kids that is sad when there are not enough balls that come his way in the field! Ben won the game ball and truly had the experience of a lifetime at his first game as a Mariner!!

Kyle....well...he loves to play! Not saying he has much skill, but that little man just had FUN FUN FUN! I'll share a few pics of the boys, but the highlight of this day was the below video clip of Kyle's first home run! I put a link below! Keep in mind...that Kyle is the last batter and that means he gets to run all the bases - like a home run (or at least he thinks it is a home run!) It takes him so long to run the bases that the other team is already leaving the field at the end of the inning to have their turn at bat...and Kyle is still bopping along....as if to say "doo to doo....la la la"....oh so funny!! :)

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I wish I could get this embedded, but I can't....the link works fine though - enjoy!

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