Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do you do when it rains all week?

You play with leggos of course! The kind that are small and tedious and beyond the level of age appropriateness! The kind that drive mothers crazy....and that are easy to lose...but that - when complete - make little boys so very very happy! These may be the death of me...but they have helped us to survive the last 7 days of CRAPPY WEATHER!! So thank you Walmart and The Exchange....for having a $5.00 toy that can hold attention for more than two days! And Daddy....we sure wish you were here for this one. This is not mommy's forte! But in my defense...Ben told me in day three of NOTHING but BUILDING....that I was "pretty good at this"!

Yeah..."PRETTY" Good? I mean really....I ROCK!! ha ha ha ha! Daddy...these photos are for you...and I am betting that they will bore the heck out of every other person that is reading this! Sorry guys!!

OH....and for those of you who are looking for a better are in luck! I blogged about Will's new bed this morning as well. It is below this one. Not like it is a life altering - best story ever - kind of blog...but better than leggo photos for daddy!! :) hee hee


dandsratz said...

FIRST, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that could ever bore anyone about looking at the adorable Mongold boys!!! Ya'll have a way of making every story exciting!! Its one of ya'lls best traits!! Lego's and all!! I totally agree about the weather--enough is enough!!! :)

Erica said...

Gotta love one million tiny pieces of a toy that always falls apart and we have to search for it :) But, you know what, that little lego car has made Benjamin's week as well! YAY FOR LEGOS!

Erica said...

Oh and one more thing. Steve, if you are reading this, there are two more little boys on Larkspur that miss you greatly! Just wanted to let you know. :)